How Can Moon Technolabs Help You to Develop Fantastic Sports Apps?

Today, fantasy sports is a $7.22 billion industry, with more than 75 million people around the world engaged in unlimited gaming. This continued growth shows consumers’ clear passion for the hobby and their love for their favorite sports and sports stars. Another important contributing factor is the way fantasy sports app development has grown in terms of creativity and innovation. A fantasy sports website development company today is equipped with data feed and payment providers, a variety of interesting features and effective user engagement ideas. Moon Technolabs has been active in the field of fantasy sports application development for eight years. This is because we strongly believe that fantasy gaming is the future of gaming and gamification in non-sports areas.

Developing a fantasy sports platform requires expertise

There are many fantasy sports app solution providers around the world, but the ones that lead are the ones that have a deep and complete understanding of the user demographic. Moon Technolabs is a world leader in providing fantasy sports app solutions to sports brands and startups that excel in the field. We have expertise in the field as there is a dedicated team that is constantly opposed to each project. The fantasy sports apps we developed are used by millions of users today.

Statistics about our exposure

Moon Technolabs has served more than 50 customers in more than 20 countries around the world. We have developed fantasy sports websites in over 10 sports including football, soccer, baseball, auto racing/racing, hockey and cricket. These are some of the most popular sports around the world that are watched and followed by millions of fans. Moon Technolabs has also created multi-lingual fantasy sports websites and apps in over 15 languages. We have over 200 industry experts and consultants who have worked tirelessly to make every project an absolute success. Moon Technolabs not only designs and develops fantasy sports websites but also assists clients with complete product development to create winning applications. When creating a fantasy football or soccer website, our team tirelessly studies user demographics and market dynamics before holding a workshop with the client. This helps us gain deeper insight into the product development process and to incorporate useful features during fantasy sports website development.

Partnership with industry leaders

Moon Technolabs is a member of the prestigious Fantasy Sports Trade Association (FSTA) and the Indian Federation of Sports Gaming (IFSG). Every year, these organizations invite us to participate in or perform at important events. We have partnerships with the world’s leading data providers such as Sportradar, OPTA, Fantasy Data, Sports Direct and Goal Serve. We have also partnered with leading top payment gateways providers like STATS, Safecharge, PayUmoney, Paytm, Safari Con, Cashfree, etc.

Notable projects, leading sports brands

Moon Technolabs has an exhibition of several leading sports brands in the world. We have worked with Arabian Gulf League, Essel World, Spartan Poker, and Fantasy Thai League to name a few. Some of these projects were –

Grinta – Indian conglomerate Essel Group has chosen Moon Technolabs for Grinta – season-long fantasy football app development. Aimed at Middle Eastern football fans, the app has been massively successful thanks to its engaging gameplay and easy interface.

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Spartan Poker – When online poker operator Sparton Poker decided to start a business in India, they hired Moon Technolabs. We have created an engaging daily fantasy cricket website and mobile app that has successfully attracted millions of Indian cricket fans.

Fantasy Thai League – Moon Technolabs is the technical partner of the Fantasy Thai League. We maintain the entire product and its database to ensure that the league continues to attract more fantasy sports players.

Arabian Gulf League – The Arabian Gulf League is one of the most popular sports brands in the Middle East. To better match the evolving fan base, AGL hired Moon Technolabs to create a season-long fantasy football website and mobile app.

Fantasy sports app solutions in any area

In addition to 10 sports, Moon Technolabs has delivered fantasy sports app development projects in several other areas such as music, politics, the stock market, marketing, etc. We have created fantasy gamification for companies that want to engage their marketing teams.

You may be a startup, ambitious entrepreneur, sports club, league, or association, if you are looking for complete fantasy sports app development, give us a call.

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