How a Media Influences the Economy

In today’s political economy, media is increasingly crucial to the development of democratic processes and systems. Media is a manner for information distribution, providing the public with news events, social issues, and political opinions. Politicians put efforts into media outlets to ensure that the general public favors their points of view. The presence of media affects the political economy in many ways. Most people are unaware of this but what they see in media actually changes their minds to a favoring political perspective.

This article will discuss how a media presence influences the political economy process. It is an ideal topic for journalism and literature postgrad students. So if you are looking for some dissertation help for your final year project, this blog can offer you many things. Thus, if you want to understand how subtle influences on news content can result in a skewed political and economic environment, keep reading.

Presence of Media and Its Influence on the Political Economy Process

Although communication technologies have greatly enhanced the audience’s ability to access info. Yet, the way news is accessible and spread in today’s media environment is still under command of the mass-marketing approach used in commercial media. Thus, the public interest is rarely the most crucial concern of those presenting the news because the higher authority guides them with different objectives. It has vital effects on citizens’ political knowledge, which, in turn, may affect the political economy process.

While the mass media industry encompasses various platforms, it generally consists of two sectors, print and broadcast media. Also, with the help of technology, consider the third sector of internet-based media and blogs. However, the traditional mass media industry rose by the growth of digital media, which is also its own industry sector. With the rise of digital media, there is an ongoing debate about how its boundaries should be defined. At the same time, digital media sectors are expanding, joining each other, and gradually becoming more accessible to the public.

What Are the Effects of Media on Voters’ Beliefs and Behavior?

To answer these questions, we took experts’ opinions about the role of media in the presidential election. Using new content analysis approaches, we examine how Twitter users responded to fake news stories about many people. We made a dataset of more than 300 fake news stories circulated online during recent election campaigns worldwide. The analysis hints that not only the tweets and their authors, but people also contributed to spreading fake news. They retweeted or replied to these stories, or perhaps contestants hire people to spread rumors against each other on the media. Although, it was easy for them to spread fake news on the media, thanks to the internet.

Therefore, the media can influence the political economy process without any inconvenience. It is not just a theory anymore after we saw how fast false information spreads on the web. Some fake tweets can shake the whole media industry if they seem authentic. As citizens, we expect our news to be credible, unbiased, and truthful. Yet, as voters and consumers, we also have a great interest in consuming information that amuses, stimulates, or gratifies us. Can news be entertaining and informative at the same time? Yes, it can be, but it must not be false for our betterment.

Exposure to Media Coverage on Political Economy

We analyzed a dataset of all documents that link to fake news websites from the media, over a period of nearly a year. Our expert economics use a methodology that allows us to measure the causal effects of media coverage on readers’ beliefs and behavior.

Besides, to do so, we first use statistical tests to determine whether media coverage has a link with increased web traffic for fake news websites. We then directly measure users’ exposure to media coverage of the presidential election by using their Facebook likes and Twitter retweets. It helped us measure and predict exposure to negative information about an electorate. We found that exposure to media coverage of the political economy brings numerous false events.

Rise of Social media in the Political Economy Process

Social media today plays a vital role in the political economy because it affects the political process. It is a communication channel that allows individuals to have political discussions or voice their opinions through social networks. Also, it enables politicians and other figures to influence individuals over online social networks through a great level of access. However, it is quite difficult to measure the impact of social media on politics due to political donations and lobbying, social media does not carry any legal weight and, therefore, would not be effective in the political process.

As the world of the Internet is taking a new direction of digitalizing its content, social media has become the online news provider. People look for the latest news and information through these media. Many people tend to rely on social media for their news rather than paying attention to the news channels. The political economy is one of the most controversial topics because it is not easy to understand by most people. It plays a vital role in the country that supports this system.

Besides, there are many concerns when it comes to the political economy of a country or any other organizations or communities. However, do we always have enough information before discussing it? It is true that social media can spread any news as quickly and widely as possible, but some of those are totally false. Reading only one side of the story could make people believe it is 100 percent true without questioning it further. We should start questioning everything that we read online.


We hope this article helped you understand how any form of media presence influences the political economy process. Perhaps you got the dissertation help online you needed from this blog, if so, we are glad. Besides, understanding the political economy process is not a piece of cake, which is why most people avoid it. However, it is crucial for people to stay away from fake news and false info.

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