HOM Furniture Expands Into New Markets

HOM Furniture Expands Into New Markets

HOM is an American retailer of fine furnishings, including outdoor patio furniture. The company also offers design services. It operates showrooms in the Twin Cities and three non-metro locations in Sioux Falls and Fargo, North Dakota. The company has nearly 2,000 employees and a nationwide customer base of over two million people. The company has been in business since 1896, and has expanded into new markets since it acquired Seasonal Concepts in 2002.

Gabberts became profitable almost immediately after the sale

The acquisition of Gabberts Design Studio & Fine Furnishings comes a year after the Minneapolis-based company agreed to sell itself to HOM Furniture. Gabberts, which had remodeled and downsized its flagship store in Edina 18 months ago, was acquired by HOM, which has 13 stores in Minnesota and beyond, and is targeting sales of $200 million this year.

In the first year after the sale of Hom furniture, Gabberts was profitable almost immediately, thanks to the sale of its outdoor furnishings. The company’s growth was fueled by improvement in style and function. Most of its outdoor sales occur between April and August. Two of its flagship stores, HOM and Gabberts, were sold at a loss in 2009. However, Gabberts’ sales increased despite the sale of Hom furniture.

Seasonal Concepts becomes profitable almost immediately after the sale

The acquisition of Seasonal Concepts by HOM Furniture allows HOM to expand its home furnishings business into new markets. The company plans to open Seasonal Concepts Galleries at its showrooms and in seven HOM stores outside of Minneapolis. Its CEO believes that buying Seasonal Concepts will help it grow as a home furnishing company. The company also plans to keep the Seasonal Concepts staff. The new Galleries will feature a full line of 2009 patio furniture and provide consultant services.

HOM Furniture reaches $230 million in sales in 2013 and continues to expand its lineup. The company opened a superstore in Little Canada earlier this year. The superstore carries all of HOM’s brands, including Gabberts and HOM. It also sells discount Dock 86 and Seasonal Concepts patio furniture. The company also adds Gabberts high-end furniture to three of its stores in Sioux Falls and Little Canada.

Opening of first “superstore” in Little Canada

After its success with a brick-and-mortar location in Toronto’s Eaton Centre, Hom furniture has branched out into a warehouse model with an upsized layout. The store is based on a warehouse model, featuring seasonal and trend-driven products. The company receives over 400 new products each week, with 20% of the floor space dedicated to menswear. Its latest store in Little Canada includes a collection of modern farmhouse furniture inspired by DIY carpentry videos and blogs. Its collection includes modular bookcases, dining tables, and more.

Loblaws-affiliated stores have been in operation in the same Little Canada shopping centre since 1955. The store is recognizable by its contrasting vertical domains, though it appears that no other Loblaws stores have opened in the area since the late 1990s. The name is different, but the store’s signage remains the same. The interior design is the same. Although it is a smaller store, it has the same logo and signage as the last Loblaws.

Growth during the recession

A new book is calling for a renewed focus on luxury furniture in a post-recession environment. The book, Cocooning in New Luxury Style, offers smart strategies for home furnishing businesses to thrive during tough economic times. It shows how furniture companies can harness the power of eCommerce to meet the growing demand of residential, institutional, and commercial consumers. The book also explores the future of the furniture industry in a post-recession environment.

The global furniture industry is being hit hard by the housing slump in the U.S., with many retailers and companies closing down. Because of globalization, the U.S. economy is directly affected by the housing slump, and the furniture industry has little chance of recovering until the housing market improves. Until then, it remains difficult to predict the future of furniture sales. However, it is a positive sign that more people are starting to realize the importance of high-quality furniture.

Specialty brands

HOM Furniture, a nationwide retailer of furniture, will open a new store in Wausau Center Mall this spring. This will be the company’s 17th location. It will be located in the former Younkers Department Store building. The store will feature a wide selection of HOM specialty brands and furniture. It will be the company’s flagship location, and the new store is expected to open on May 1.

HOM has a long history of giving back to the community. The company has donated to several causes, including local food banks and nonprofits that support families in need. The company also donates the proceeds of its HOM-Open Golf Tournament to local charities. One of its most notable donations was to the MN Adult & Teen Challenge, an organization that focuses on assisting disadvantaged youth. HOM also received the Furniture Today 2013 Giants of Bedding award for its contributions to the industry.


There are many ways to learn about HOM Furniture’s employees. One way is to visit Zippia. This website provides in-depth information about the company’s workforce. Zippia sources data from various sources, including self-reported information from employees and public datasets. For example, data may be derived from the BLS, company filings, H1B filings, and other public sources. HOM Furniture employees receive competitive benefits.

If you’re interested in working for an up-and-coming company, consider applying to HOM Furniture. The company strives to be an equal opportunity employer. As such, HOM Furniture will consider applicants without regard to race, gender, national origin, age, marital status, disability, membership in a local commission, or any other protected characteristic. Read the reviews posted by current HOM Furniture employees to learn more about working for the company.


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