Hermes vs. Louis Vuitton: Which Base Shaper is Right

Base shapers are used to shape your old saggy bags into new ones. Whether you are using Hermes or Louis Vuitton, a base shaper will make your bag rigid and help to maintain shape for long-term usage. 

A base shaper will prevent your bag from getting saggy and old. You can reach out to MBoutique in order to get high-quality base shapers for your Hermes herbag base shaper in Australia. 

This blog includes some interesting facts about the beloved Louis Vuitton and Hermes Birkin and the requirement of base shapers for such high-quality brands. 

Hermes Birkin Speciality – bags

Hermes Birkin is a brand being envied by millions of women today for their bags. But how Hermes became such a large company and why it is a must-have accessory brand? Read further to find out the history of the famous Hermes Birkin and their bags. 

It was founded in the 1980s by the French luxury brand Hermes. Due to their sectional productions, Hermes Birkin is like a symbol of wealth and prosperity for people. In some regions, reputable brands also get compared with valuable metal gold. 

The chairman of Hermes, Jean-Louis Dumas designed a bag for famous British actress Jane Birkin in 1982. His goal was to create a bag with enough storage space. 

He actually met Birkin on a plane where she complained to him about bags. She said that she hasn’t found a perfect bag for her, especially as a mother, she needs a bag with enough storage space. 

Later, Dumas came up with such a suitable bag for Birkin that was not only perfectly stitched with enough space but also with a space for baby bottles. 

Hermes Birkin is one of the most expensive and luxurious bags in the world. Their simple bag price is around something $9000. Their most expensive bag ever sold for $379,000 in 2016 in Hong Kong. 

Louis Vuitton – Bags

Louis Vuitton, like every designer dreamed of creating a house of fashion that will change the rhythm of fashion. Now, it is one of the respectable brands today, creating most beautiful and quality luggages. 

The company was founded in Paris in 1854, and created a space in world’s fashion with wonderful effort and success. Many other brands also started copying the concept of Louis Vuitton fashion, but soon our talented Louis came up with Damier Canvas Pattern that took the company to success.

This concept also was the reason behind Louis Vuitton’s official logo that reads “Marque L. Vuitton déposée”, and the translation is “L. Vuitton registered trademark”. 

Unfortunately, Louis died in 1892 and his son George Vuitton took the charge of the company. He played a huge role and making Louis Vuitton an international brand. 

The bags of Louis Vuitton until 2005, required 20 to 30 craftsmen and 8 days for their creation. But this process was very time taking and affecting the progress of company. So they came up with strategy to create high quality bags faster. 

Base Shapers

Sometimes, base shapers become important for your bags to maintain their shape. I am sure that you can imagine how embarrassing it is to take a saggy purse to an occasion. So, for purchasing a beautiful lV pochette metis base shaper you can see the MBoutique website. They provide high quality base shaper services that will absolutely grant a new look to your bag. 

Base shaping is a great facility for bag lovers that they can make their favourite bags look stunning even for years. This concept also was the reason behind Louis Vuitton’s official logo that reads “Marque L. Vuitton déposée”, and the translation is “L. Vuitton registered trademark”. 


The hermes herbag base shaper and lv pochette metis base shaper are available at MBoutique in multiple colors and sizes. They started off with an aim to help their customers by providing a groomed and neat look to their bags. Go get yours now! 

Louis Vuitton and Hermes Birkin are one of the most dearest and respectable brands in the world. The quality of bags they provide and the strength they hold is a topic that can be discussed for hours. Both of the luxurious brands did a lot of effort and maintained their companies until now and are still aiming to grow further. 

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