Instagram Bio Link Not Working? How to fix the easy way!

In this article, we will discuss why the  Instagram bio link is not working and we will provide you with some solutions so that you can solve this problem. Instagram is one of the most popular apps used by different groups of people. Other than Instagram every app you are using right now has some problem at some point in time. The social media app allows us to connect with different people and we can make new friends.  By using social media apps we not only boost confidence but also enhance by using social media apps we not only boost our confidence but it also enhances our socialising skills. Continue reading this article to find out the solution to why the bio Instagram allow links is not working. 


What is a Bio link? 


A bio link is a space that Instagram gives you to add to your Bio description. To stop spam Instagram has removed the feature to add links to the comment section. If you need to add an important link for your business purposes you can add it to your bio description. 


Why doesn’t Instagram allow links? 


The answer to your question about why Instagram doesn’t allow links is that Instagram has disabled the ability to add links to the comment section to prevent spam. You can include a crucial link in your bio description if you need to for business purposes.


Why is my link not clickable on my Instagram bio description? 


Reasons why is my link not clickable on my Instagram bio: –


  1. Maybe you did not put the link in the right column 
  2. You have not updated your Instagram app 
  3. Make sure your link is not broken 
  4. Maybe you have tried to add more than one link 
  5. The Instagram app cache is filled 


Solutions to make link clickable

Update version 


Update the Instagram app on your device and it will start working. 


Old version 


It is for the users who started to face this problem by updating the Instagram app otherwise they were not facing any problems. Uninstall the latest version of the Instagram app in your device. 



Clear Instagram cache 


Go to the settings of your device and clear all Instagram cache from there. The cache is unnecessary data that is stored automatically in your device under the name of the cache and it interrupts the apps to work properly if it gets full. 





Uninstall your Instagram app and reinstall it. By doing this every setting of Instagram will get a new start and it will fix any bug that is stopping you to click on the bio link. 



Restart your device


Give your device a restart and it will also give a restart to your app. It can also solve your problem. 





Log out from your Instagram account and log in again. It can also fix bugs. 



More than one link 


Some times  users ary trying to add many links make sure. Do not try to add more than one link. Instagram has allowed its users to add one link to their bio description. 



Server down 


Ask your friend whether their link is working or not and confirm whether the Instagram server is down or not. In simple words, check you are not the only one who is facing this problem at a particular time.  


Customer service 


If any of the above solutions do not work then it must be a problem from the back end of the Instagram authorities. Contact the customer services of Instagram and tell them about your issue. 


How to add a link to your bio description? 


This is for those who do not know how to add a link: –

  1. Open up your Instagram 
  2. Open your profile 
  3. Click on edit profile 
  4. In the website column, you can add one link there 
  5. Now, click on done 
  6. Now, you are good to go! 


I have given you detailed information about the reasons and solutions if your Instagram link is not working. If you are interested in reading more information about Instagram and other topics. You can open your browser and visit our website Ityug247. I hope all the information mentioned above is more than enough for you to understand the issue and to find out a solution.  


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