Exotic Beaches in Goa are Ideal for Weekends

Goa can be defined as the best group of beaches. It takes you into the lap of mother nature which surely gives you enough peaceful and pleasant moments with your loved ones. Sea, surf, sand and sun are some of the elements without which beaches are not complete. The azure waters of the sea are defined by a long stretch of coastline. These patches have everything you need to relax and get rid of the tiredness of everyday work.

Now let’s explore some of the exotic beaches that add stars to Goa’s popularity:

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Anjuna Beach

If you want to have an unforgettable travel experience, all you have to do is visit the exotic Anjuna Beach. It has gained huge popularity among tourists mainly due to late night trance parties. The splendor of the sea water, which looks turquoise at dawn, pleases the eyes. It not only offers you the chance to swim among the milky white waves, but also gives you the thrill and excitement to indulge in diverse and adventurous water activities. You will simply love the beach party atmosphere after sunset. Party night mode is simply irresistible. Make this date to visit Chapora Castle as well as Albuquerque Castle.

Colva beach

If you want to see the true magic of nature, be sure to visit Colva Beach. The natural effect of the region is complemented by silvery beaches, sea water ripples in different shades of blue, orange and yellow sky at sunset and coconut trees swaying rhythmically in the sky, creating a perfect sense of balance and beauty. . , One of the unique factors of this beach is the surprisingly attractive shell shapes that mark the entire area.

Baga Beach

Tourists from all over the world visit this place in large numbers to enjoy being in the middle of this very charming spectacle. The atmosphere thickens with the sound of ocean waves crashing against the rocks and turning into a frothy veil. Beach huts are also very popular with tourists, who usually stay in well-equipped fisherman’s huts. As far as your appetite is concerned, you have plenty of delicious dishes that introduce you to the local flavors and spices.

Calangute Beach

This is definitely the most commercial of the ones listed here. It is a perfect example of the beautiful beaches that the land of India offers to travelers from all over the world. The magnificence of the surrounding nature will surely amaze you and make you come back to this beach again and again. The seaside huts offer many delicious dishes and refreshing cocktails. The shops here are famous for selling well-designed souvenirs that will make you feel right at home on World travel.

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