Exciting Career Options after PGDM in Rural Management

A PGDM rural management is one of the most gratifying employment paths for graduates. Top management colleges prepare graduates to develop and implement plans to develop backward and impoverished rural areas.

This article will discuss the employment prospects available to graduates after completing an MBA in rural management.

Sectors that hire graduates with PGDM in rural management

Several companies are looking for well-qualified professionals with a PGDM in rural management to support the rural management department’s marketing, financial, and operation goals. Top PGDM colleges in Anand prepare students to plan, organize, and implement strategies to improve the rural and agricultural sectors. IRMA in Gujarat, for example, provides rural management courses that train you in all aspects of rural management to bring about their development. The following industries employ graduates with a degree in rural management:       

  • NGO
  • Grameen bank
  • Research agencies
  • Agri-business enterprises
  • Rural co-operative sector
  • Rural development agencies
  • Rural-based voluntary agencies
  • Corporate-backed rural programs
  • Govt-backed developmental programs

Positions held by PGDM rural management graduates

PGDM rural management colleges prepare students to take on onerous duties and seize growth opportunities in the rural sector. Graduates of rural management colleges are prepared to work as specialists in the execution of management foundations, agricultural development techniques, and sophisticated applications that lead to the betterment of rural areas. A PGDM in rural management opens the door for successful postgraduates to pursue popular professional paths such as:

Rural Development Officer

As a rural development officer, you will be in charge of managing and supervising rural development projects such as agriculture, livestock, fisheries, and forestry. You’ll further be responsible for overseeing supply, marketing, transportation, finance, manufacturing, mining, and other rural services.

Agricultural Researcher

As an agricultural researcher, you will investigate the elements that influence farm output. You’ll look for ways to boost the efficiency and sustainability of farms and related agricultural businesses. You can work on new and inventive ways to improve the quality of food farmed and delivered as an agricultural researcher.

Financial Manager

Rural management course focuses on rural areas, cooperatives, agribusiness, and related domains and it necessitates the employment of finance professionals to compute the day-to-day business of rural sector enterprises. Top Gujarat PGDM colleges like IRMA offer you courses that can prepare you for lucrative opportunities as a financial manager. A career as a rural business finance manager can lead to positions such as bank officer, finance officer, financial analyst, investment analyst, and so on.

Marketing Manager

With knowledge of rural management, you can work as a marketing manager who can influence the rural business marketing sector. A career as a marketing manager would require you to do market research and analysis, product promotion, selling, distribution, advertising, etc.

Business Development Manager

As a business development manager, you will be in charge of achieving financial growth. You will set long-term and strategic goals, negotiate and close business deals, and monitor market situations for product development.

Salary of PGDM rural management graduates

Graduates with a PGDM in rural management earn a higher income as they gain expertise. In this career, a newbie can expect to make an annual salary of roughly Rs 3 to 4 lacs. After accumulating expertise in your area, you will receive a larger salary package that can reach Rs 15 lakhs.

The bottom line

The PGDM in rural management has a lot of promise for developing young professionals who want to work in the rural hinterland, which is the backbone of the Indian economy. Join Institute of Rural Management Anand to pursue this course and become trained in all elements of rural development to make a positive difference in the lives of the rural community.

The Institute of Rural Management Anand is a top-ranked PGDM college in Gujarat. It was established in 1979 with the objective of promoting management education and training in the rural sector. Since its inception, the institute has been committed to providing quality education to its students. It offers full-time PGDM program. The institute has a well-qualified and experienced faculty. That imparts theoretical and practical knowledge to the students. The institute also has a modern infrastructure with all the facilities that are required for a quality education. The institute has a strong placement record and has been consistently ranked among the top PGDM colleges in Gujarat.

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