Everything About Authentic Rarest Pigeon Blood Ruby Gemstone


Authentic Rarest Pigeon Blood Ruby Gemstone

It was in Burma that the phrase “pigeon blood” first appeared. Though the phrase “Pigeon’s Blood” (ko-two) may have originated in China. It was adopted by the locals to describe the most desirable color of the Ruby. Ruby’s Natural Pigeon Blood Ruby red tint is supposed to resemble the first two droplets of blood from the nostrils of a freshly murdered pigeon. The hue has been likened to the iris of a real pigeon. Some say it looks like a pomegranate seed, while others say it’s a beautiful crimson without any blue undertones.

While the precise meaning of “Blood Red” ruby has never been established. The word is usually used to describe the most profound possible shade of red. Since most gemological laboratories employ spectrophotometers to identify the hues of rubies, the moniker “Pigeon Blood Red” is only a consumer-friendly generalization. The most desirable hue of Natural Ruby Stone is bright and fluorescent, like the light from a traffic light; it should not contain undertones of blue, violet, or purple, nor should it seem too dark.

What Does The Color Blood Red Mean?

Like Ruby, the color red is often associated with passion and heat. Ruby Red is considered to be passionate, powerful, and regal. The most incredible method to express your emotions is with a ruby, a precious gemstone. Jewelry set with rubies is said to radiate warmth and boost interpersonal connections.

The blood-red hue symbolizes deep, passionate love. Ruby’s vibrant blood-red hue is found in no other gemstone save the exceptionally rare red diamond, making Ruby the most valuable of all colored gemstones.

Pigeon Blood Ruby

Primary and Secondary Colors

We all know that color is crucial in determining a ruby’s worth. Color encompasses both luminance and hue, saturation, and tonal value. Hue refers to the true, everyday color. Only jewels with a main red hue are termed rubies; therefore, this is easily determined.

Instead of being termed a ruby, the term “pink sapphire” is used to describe a stone that is not quite red enough to be classified as a ruby. On the other hand, a ruby may also exhibit a secondary hue, such as pink, purple, orange, pink, or violet.

Rubies with the most noticeable red color are the most sought-after, yet they are uncommon. For this reason, natural pigeon blood rubies fetch such a premium price. Mozambique rubies are known for their deep red hue, although stones with secondary colors like purple may also bring high prices.

Treated Rubies

Ruby treatment or enhancement is done on specific stones because natural, high-quality rubies. Particularly those with an enough dark hue to be called original pigeon blood rubies, are very uncommon. The goal is to enhance their visual appeal by changing color or fixing flaws like inclusions and fractures.

Heat treatment is the most frequent method of enhancing a ruby’s color and removing the purple tint, silk, and blue areas. In addition to the previously mentioned treatments, glass filling has recently gained popularity. The treatment seals internal cracks in the gemstone, making it more see-through.

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Ruby in Different Shades

Compared to natural pigeon blood rubies, those mined in Myanmar’s northeastern area are often darker in color all the way through. With a purple or black core surrounded by a vivid red halo. Thai rubies are regarded as “Siamese Color,” a deeper and more subdued red than Vietnamese rubies. Raspberry pink best describes the color of a Ceylon ruby.

Chemically speaking, sapphires and rubies are almost identical. The two only vary in minor ways at the level of trace components. Since rubies need that their color is at least 51% red, stones that are predominantly red but also contain a noticeable purple or pink tinge will be labelled as purple or pink sapphires.

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