Essential Oil For Cracked Heels


When the heel’s outer skin is exposed to water, detergent, or heat, it appears cracked. It generally happens when the skin on your foot becomes dry, flaky and hard’. This might result in cuts or wounds that cause a lot of agony and pain and can expose you to many types of diseases. Although there are numerous moisturizers and lotions on the market, they may not be suited for your skin for an extended period.Even if you’ve applied every cream, balm, and lotion you think will help, you might not see  much difference. If you have cracked heels, then essential oils can do a lot more for your heels than expensive cosmetic moisturizers. These essential oils effectively treat cracked skin by locking in hydration and moisture. They have ingredients that protect your skin from environmental aggressors. You can mix these essential oils with carrier oils or butters like shea butter online and apply on your skin.Here is a list of essential oils for cracked heels that can help you repair your dryness.



Tea Tree Essential Oil prevents the skin on foot from becoming irritated and dry. It soothes the skin, which gets irritated by cracks, and stimulates healing, eventually giving the natural texture. It has antifungal, antiseptic, and antibacterial, so it heals quickly. Add tea tree essential oil with your body lotion or moisturizer and apply it to your skin.


Lavender essential nourishes chapped skin. It has a good hydrating impact on your skin which is especially beneficial for rough and dry skin. It is known to hasten the healing of cuts and wounds. You can prepare your DIY cream for your cracked heel by mixing a few drops into melted Shea butter or coconut oil.


The anti-inflammatory properties of eucalyptus essential oil help to soothe rough skin. It also kills germs and bacteria. It has excellent capabilities for soothing inflamed and dry skin. Gently scrape off your heels, wash them and apply eucalyptus oil mixed with a carrier oil; after massaging, wear your socks to lock up the hydration.


Peppermint oil moisturizes dry and flaky skin since it absorbs fast and has a long-lasting impact. It possesses antioxidant, antibacterial, and antimicrobial qualities that aid skin therapy. The menthol in this oil aids in the relief of cracked heel inflammation.


Lemon essential oil stimulates circulation, which aids in the healing of severely dry feet. It has an adequate amount of antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins. It prevents further peeling and itching besides hydration. Combine this essential oil with a carrier oil to achieve the best results. After scraping and exfoliating your cracked heels, apply lemon oil mixed with mango butter on your heels and put on your socks to lock up the hydration.


Treating cracked heels with the use of Essential oil is a perfect solution for it. Essential oils have specific properties like antioxidants, antibacterial and anti-inflammation that help heal cracked heels and further protect them from damage. If you need extra moisture and extra hydration, you can make your DIY cream by using Shea butter mixed with Essential oil and coconut oil. Choose essential oil mentioned in the blog according to your needs. You should contact your dermatologist if you are skeptical about which essential oil to choose. If you opt for essential oil, make sure you choose only the essential oils obtained from organic ingredients and buy them from a trusted source.


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