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Max 2 Pro electric skateboard with remoteIf you want to purchase an electric skateboard with remote control, you will need a good quality one. A remote will control the board’s acceleration and braking. However, not all models come with remotes. Here are a few of the top options:

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Max 2 Pro

The Max 2 Pro electric skateboard with remote offers three speed modes and a long range of 15 miles on a single charge. It features a wireless Bluetooth remote control with an OLED display for live riding data. It is equipped with 3 adjustable riding modes including a beginner (9 mph), fast (16 mph) and max (up to 24 mph). With an OLED display and Bluetooth wireless remote control, the Max2 Pro is ideal for beginners and college students alike.

The Maxfind Max 2 Pro electric skateboard with remote control features anti-slip sandpaper that won’t scratch your hands or clothes. The deck is ergonomically designed with three speed modes and a lanyard for easy portability. The board features carbon fiber wheels that are about 15% larger than standard booster wheels. The remote control offers precise gear speed limits and an adjustable hall wheel throttle. With a 270-day warranty, Maxfind offers free replacement parts in the event of a quality issue. It’s also very affordable, so it’s a great choice for families who love to skateboard.


The Starkboard electric skateboard with remote is a revolutionary new way to get around town. It tracks your body movements and gives you continual assistance. It can reach speeds up to 20 miles per hour, and the braking system automatically activates when you get off the board. This makes it the ultimate skateboard for beginners and professionals alike. It also works with Bluetooth-enabled headphones to provide stereo sound. Its high-tech features include an integrated remote and headlights.

While battery-powered skateboards have exploded in popularity in the last few years, one of the biggest drawbacks is that they require a remote control to operate. The Starkboard solves this problem by eliminating the remote control and making it easier to operate. You can monitor speed and Gps, and even update the firmware. You can also use the app to view a circular gauge that displays temperature and time, and you can lock or unlock the board. You can also turn the lights off with a touch of a button.

Dot Cruiser

The Dot Cruiser electric skateboard with remote features a tiny screen with a speedometer and distance traveled, as well as various settings. Its remote also features haptic feedback and tells you if the motors are wet or not. Users will love this board’s easy-to-use features and versatility. This electric skateboard is an excellent option for beginners and experienced skateboarders alike.

This skateboard is lightweight and durable, and features a perfect blend of smoothness and rigidity. It comes with a rechargeable battery and motor that will allow you to reach speeds up to 19 mph. You can travel up to 27 miles on a single charge. It can handle up to two motors and up to three batteries, so it’s perfect for the commute. You can also charge it using the magnetic charging cable.

TeamGee H20G

The TeamGee H20G electric skate board is the perfect electric skateboard for beginners and intermediate riders. It offers quick response and a high speed with 3 different speed modes. The 8-ply Canadian maple and one-ply fiberglass deck absorbs bumps and gives a stable ride. The speed is a maximum of 26 MPH. This skateboard can also handle slopes up to 30 degrees.

The electric skateboard features dual 540W hub motors that provide a total of 1,080W of power. Its motors are small but offer quick acceleration and top speed. Its battery is also lightweight and easily replaceable. The battery will last for 25 miles with a single charge. This means that you won’t need to worry about running out of power because the TeamGee H20G has a long life span.

Wowgo 3

A remote for the Wowgo 3 is one of the main benefits of this electric skateboard. The sleek design of the remote, with its rubberized finish, makes it easy to hold and use. It also includes an LED screen that shows speed, distance traveled and battery percentage. This makes it easy to tell how far the board has traveled. One button controls speed and battery life. Its performance is similar to that of the more expensive models.

The deck isn’t flat but is slightly concave. The deck enclosures are also improved over previous models. The wheels are 90mm and 78A and are interchangeable. The wheels absorb road vibration and are softer than 96mm wheels. The board also has a remote with telemetry and a swappable PU. It is the perfect electric skateboard for kids and adults of all ages.

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