DrChrono EHR and Its Benefits!

Choosing an EHR (Electronic Health Record) is an important decision for a practice. You will want to make sure that your EHR is not only powerful but also customizable and user-friendly. Luckily, there are many EHR software available that will meet your needs. One such EHR is DrChrono. It’s a complete medical practice management solution that includes HIPAA-compliant patient portals and rebuilt medical forms. It’s also been designed with the healthcare provider in mind, with features such as revenue cycle management and appointment scheduling suites.

Appointment scheduling suite:

Using a DrChrono EHR appointment scheduling suite can help you book appointments in minutes, and keep up with patients’ schedules. This means you’ll spend more time caring for your patients, and less time worrying about billing and records.

Unlike most competitors, DrChrono’s EHR is fully integrated. This means that you can customize your forms and templates to fit your practice. For example, you can create a custom patient profile for each appointment. This allows you to customize the medically relevant fields and note-taking outline. Afterward, you can save clinical data and the signed encounter note.

DrChrono EHR also offers a practice management program. This is a feature-rich tool that streamlines many tedious processes. It also helps with denial analysis and HCFA reporting. Its powerful billing capabilities also help you avoid human mistakes.

DrChrono’s Patient Portal also lets you schedule appointments and securely communicate with your patients on the Internet. The Portal also includes custom-consent forms. It eliminates unnecessary paperwork and allows you to register new patients.

HIPAA-compliant patient portal:

Whether you are a doctor, nurse, or other health care provider, DrChrono EHR is a great EHR solution for your practice. It includes an integrated patient portal, a secure messaging platform, and a comprehensive EHR, all of which will help you improve your practice’s efficiency and increase your revenue.

The patient portal allows patients to sign up for appointments, pay bills, and fill out forms before coming to your practice. The secure messaging platform lets you communicate with your patients in a HIPAA-compliant way.

DrChrono also provides a telehealth platform, which allows you to schedule virtual visits directly from your EHR. It’s easy to use and saves time. The platform includes a secure messaging feature, which allows patients to send high-resolution photos of their condition to you. You can also send automated emails to your patients to schedule appointments.

DrChrono’s EHR also includes a patient portal, which lets you schedule appointments and check insurance eligibility in real-time. It also allows for automated notes and reminders and offers an annotated version of photos.

Prebuilt medical forms:

Whether you are a large or small practice, DrChrono offers solutions that will suit your needs. With a focus on interoperability, it is compatible with PCs, tablets and web browsers. You can access patient information, schedule appointments and pay bills right within your account.

With DrChrono’s All-in-One integrated EHR, you can easily automate workflows, reduce errors and increase efficiency. It features customizable specialty-based templates, smart shortcuts and a reporting tool.

The company also offers a full suite of training courses. These training courses enable medical professionals and administrative staff to work together seamlessly to improve efficiency. Using a mobile, cloud-based EHR, your entire staff can easily communicate. This also reduces delays and no-shows. Using a cloud-based EHR also ensures that patient information is always accessible.

DrChrono also offers a full-service Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) solution. With a 96% return rate, the company’s RCM services help you reduce administrative burdens while providing consistent workflows and continuous monitoring of claims.

Revenue cycle management tools:

Using a revenue cycle management (RCM) system can help specialty practices manage their revenue better. Many practices, particularly those that are not well-established, often have a hard time managing both patient and billing volume. By using an RCM solution, they can better understand their revenue cycle and improve patient care.

In addition to providing physicians with an advanced electronic health record (EHR), DrChrono also has a suite of revenue cycle management tools. These tools are available for both large and small practices. These features include real-time insurance eligibility checks, automated CMS 1500 forms, and custom billing codes.

DrChrono’s billing module has a live claim feed that shows the claim ID number and the amount billed. It also displays pending claims. Each pending claim shows the payer, the patient, the amount billed, and the amount paid.

DrChrono’s reporting module also pulls data from the EHR system and allows doctors to export reports to Microsoft Excel. Reports can be customized according to diagnoses and demographics. In addition, the software has a variety of predefined reports for several specialties.

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