Cost Effective Ways to Make Your Kitchen Look Expensive

It is not always true that you will need to break your bank to update your existing kitchen cabinet decor. There are a few cost-effective ways in which you can make your kitchen look unique and expensive. Even for your Kitchen cabinets you can replace the pulls and drawer for a new and unique look. To decorate your kitchen, you need to hire a reputed designer. They can design your kitchen with some customized cabinets, lighting and floors. Even they can also install the benchtop and other attachments in your kitchen.

Effective Ways to Decorate Your Kitchen

Want to jazz up your kitchen but don’t have the budget for a total refurb? Follow these tips and tricks to make your kitchen look more expensive, without forking out an arm and a leg:

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  • Using lighter colors on the cabinets and walls as this will brighten the space instantly and make it look larger.
  • Replacing old and worn out Kitchen cabinet doors with new or refinishing the old ones if usable will also help you to provide a sleek new look to the space. Through this way, you can also save your overall cost.
  • Use glass or high-gloss doors some areas to create open shelving. You can showcase some of your crockery in this open shelf and you can easily access then anytime as per your needs.
  • Change the lighting with pendants and chandeliers that will not only brighten but will also change the mood of your kitchen. Always use LED lights in your kitchen to save your power consumption bill.
  • Using artwork is a good way to elevate your kitchen and create an illusion of a larger and expensive space.
  • You can also add a centerpiece, fresh flowers, and throw pillows and replace old decorative elements. Always hide clutter and small appliances such as toasters and blenders.

Upgrade Kitchen Cabinets

The Kitchen cabinets are the focal point and you must update and upgrade it regularly to give the space a new and expensive look. You do not have to pull down and replace the whole thing as there are easy and cost-effective ways in this endeavor as well to add style and retain functionality.

  • Paint your cabinets with appropriate colors and mix them up well to eliminate the tired and boring look. This will add richness and add more value in your kitchen. Even to save your floor space, you can also include some wall mounted cabinets in your kitchen.
  • Add task lighting on cabinets as it is the most practical approach to make the space glow. Use energy efficient LED tape lights that are dimmable for task lighting both on the top and at the bottom of the cabinets.
  • Create open shelves to display your unique items. Simply remove the doors in some places to convert your ordinary cabinet into shelves.
  • You can also add glass door inserts that will save about 20% of replacing cost. You can use plain and clear glass, etched, fluted, colored, crackled or patterned glass.

Kitchen Wall Decorating Ideas

You can also decorate the walls of your Kitchen to make it look larger and expensive in a few easy and low-cost ways. These are:

  • Color it to update the room but use existing kitchen color if it cannot be changed. Also make sure that if you use new color it must complement with the existing and unchangeable color. In this regard, you can take suggestions from your designers.
  • Add open shelving update your Kitchen to make it upper cabinet free and to create more visual space. You may also add a couple of floating shelves that come in different styles and are easy to install.

Play with Flowers

Pretty plants and flowers add a fresh touch and make it look like you take pride in your decor. They additionally build your room smell pretty, that is often a bonus.

Add some artistic look to your kitchen

We don’t forever associate the kitchen with design, however adding a chunk of art will work wonders and create your kitchen look a lot of fashionable and costly.

Enumerate a stylish splash back

A splash back is an inexpensive way to give your kitchen cabinet a new lease of life. Select a brightly colored splash back or one with an interesting pattern to make a bold statement.

Update the Lighting feature

Grab an electrician to put your lights on a dimmer, and instantly upgrade the feel of your kitchen, especially at night or when entertaining.
Also use baskets, vintage dishes, frames of different shapes and a variety of mirrors to create a gallery wall.

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