Choosing an AMS for Your HOA Charlotte

HOA Charlotte | AMS, also known as homeowners associations, are groups that maintain the common areas of a development. They usually have a board of directors that is elected by residents.

Homeowners pay fees to the association that cover the costs of maintaining the amenities and services within their community. These fees can range from a few hundred to several thousand dollars per month.

What is an AMS?

An AMS, or Association Management System, is software that serves as the database of record for all of an association’s member information. It’s used by professional and trade associations as well as clubs and religious organizations to help them carry out the administrative and programming functions that further their mission.

Keeping an organization’s data organized and clean is vital. If a single piece of inaccurate or incomplete information is introduced, the entire database can become corrupted.

The best AMS systems are designed to automate and simplify a number of essential tasks that can otherwise take up valuable staff time. Things like generating invoices, sending dues reminders, automatically updating member records and event registration confirmation emails are just a few of the ways that an AMS can make life easier for your staff.

As a result, a robust AMS can save an association time and money. The more streamlined your operations are, the more you can focus on the things that really matter to your business.

AMS Benefits

Using an AMS can offer a variety of benefits for your community association. These benefits include cost effectiveness, the latest technology, and a more cohesive experience for your members.

In addition, an AMS offers peace of mind for your staff and the members who use it. Having an AMS provider proactively notify you and resolve system issues before they can disrupt your business is a major benefit to any organization.

Additionally, an AMS can help your association decrease burnout among volunteers. By giving volunteers a more efficient system to use, they can spend less time searching for people or information and have more time to work together on chapter projects.

In addition, an AMS can help your members save time by providing them with self-service tools to do things like renew their membership or pay dues online. This gives them more control over their own information and helps them feel valued by your community.

AMS Pricing

When it comes to the cost of an AMS, it isn’t quite as straightforward as you may think. There are a number of factors to consider when you begin the AMS search process, including total costs of ownership (TCO), implementation timeline, and how long you plan to use the software.

Choosing an AMS with automated features that help collect dues and remind members to renew can be a huge time saver for your staff. It can also increase membership engagement, allowing members to stay in touch with the organization and access their profile information whenever they need it.

The AMS pricing model should be transparent and agreed upon during contract negotiations. This will ensure that the AMS provider’s true cost to run and maintain each application is clear, providing an accurate TCO analysis in advance of any future changes or additions. It will also enable a business to make an informed decision as to whether an application’s value justifies its overall AMS cost.

AMS Integrations

Choosing the right AMS can make your life as an association manager easier and more productive. You’ll want to choose an AMS that integrates with the software solutions your association uses most often, including accounting software, email marketing platforms, social media accounts, and advertising tools.

Moreover, you’ll need to find an AMS that allows you to create the integrations your association needs to manage its day-to-day operations. These connections can save your association time by providing a centralized place to communicate with members and make work more efficient for your team.

Whether your association is a trade organization, professional association, neighborhood association, or a homeowners association, an AMS can help you streamline and increase efficiency while enabling member self-service. This can help your members stay informed about upcoming events, update their membership information, pay dues and receive invoices, and more.




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