Choose the Right Commercial Moving Company for Your Needs

Even though moving your business can be difficult, it doesn’t have to be a stressful process. Do you require all the services or just a portion of your moving exercise to be handled by experts? In either case, take your time when selecting commercial moving services. Start by looking into the credentials and reputation of the company. Use the following advice to choose the best commercial moving services once you’ve narrowed your options. 

Define Your Scope Of Services

A reputable, well-established commercial moving service will take the time to learn about your needs and will then tailor its services to meet those needs. Make sure the movers know exactly how much or how little you want them to handle. Request a quote based on that scope instead of using a one-size-fits-all strategy.     

We advise compiling a list of prospective commercial moving companies and looking into the level of service each offers. Here are a few things to be aware of:

  • Online reviews: The company’s website, Facebook page, and online reviews on sites like Yelp are all advised. 
  • Service offerings. Consult the company’s service offerings to confirm that they provide your required services. To confirm that the business provides services like corporate storage, high-value item moving, logistics, and long-distance moves, get in touch with the business or visit their website. 
  • Background: Review the company’s history. Pay close attention to the company’s years in operation, any certifications in the field, and whether or not it is a locally owned and operated business.

Make a list of the moving companies you like and ask for quotes from each once you’ve found a few. 

A Comparison Of Commercial Moving Service Costs

Request price quotes from a few local commercial movers in Sioux Falls, SD and compares the costs. The best deal may not always be the one with the lowest price. Request information on the company’s certifications, WSIB coverage, liability insurance, commercial moving service packages, customer satisfaction guarantees, safety records, etc. Always request written contracts, and be sure to specify which provisions are binding and which are not. Make sure you are aware of the insurance coverage in the event that the goods are damaged or lost in transit. 

A minimum of three in-home estimates are recommended. Never accept a rough estimate over the phone. This could lead to under or over-inflation of the weight estimate. Ask them instead to visit your home so they can count your possessions. Once you’ve compared prices, choose the business that best meets your needs.

Ask for Recommendations

To get recommendations, speak to your loved ones and close friends. Inquire about their knowledge of hiring movers. Was there a timely arrival and delivery by the moving company? Was anything transported in a damaged state? If so, how was the claim dealt with? Did the business follow through on the initial estimate? Consider doing the packing and preparation work yourself if your moving budget is limited, and only hire movers to load, drive, and unload the truck.

Verify Track Record

Can the business provide client testimonials for its commercial moving services? Do you come across any supportive online testimonials for their level of customer service? Ask other professionals in your field which moving companies they recommend.

Services Offered By The Commercial Moving Company

Customers of a reputable commercial moving company will always be informed of the various moving and relocation procedures. Real-time knowledge of the various transit phases will also help to reassure customers. Commercial movers in Sioux Falls, SD, involve the following:

  • Inventory and project management
  • Packing
  • Storage
  • Moving
  • Goods tracking
  • Planning your move
  • Assurance and risk management
  • Emergency Preparation
  • installation, re-assembly, and unpacking
  • And more

Eliminating Companies That Don’t Fit The Requirements 

While you’re moving, certain moves require some specifications, which can be the most difficult part of choosing the right company for your move. Let’s say you’re moving long distances; you need movers to handle this for you. When you’re moving, you also need to save some money in your emergency fund in case of any trouble. So before making any sudden decision, look out for movers and choose what fits you the best. 

Commercial Moving Services—Evaluate Depth Of Experience Before Your Hire

We have handled a wide range of commercial movers in Sioux Falls, SD, from standard office moves to specialized moving requirements for healthcare practices, heavy equipment, engineering, IT, legal practices, hospitals, schools and universities, libraries, and chemical manufacturers.

Our team is dedicated to finishing each project on schedule, within budget, and to the satisfaction of every client. Are you planning to move soon? Try putting us to the test—we’ll exceed your expectations. You might relocate occasionally, but our commercial moving company does this daily. 

Whether you are moving a large commercial setup with thousands of employees and significant assets from one large facility to another or a small office with ten employees, it makes no difference. We’ll finish the task quickly so you won’t lose a day of work.

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