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In contrast to the yesteryears when Bajaj scooter was the only player in the market, today there are several options in this segment to choose from during Dhanteras. However, plenty of choice often leads to confusion, wherein you might wonder which brand to choose. Although options like the TVS Jupiter scooty and Honda Activa dominate the niche, there are several other brands which may not be as well-known but worthy of consideration.

One of best ways of handling the situation entails identifying the unique features of each brand and comparing them with others. So, you would need to step beyond the TVS Scooty price and check several other aspects that play a crucial role in its performance. Features that determine if the TVS Jupiter scooty and its counterparts are good value for money are discussed as follows – 

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Type of scooty 

Height and weight are two main concerns which assume priority over other factors since they define the comfort of driving the vehicle. Ideally, the TVS Jupiter scooty that you select should not be too high or too low, it should be high enough to enable you to feel the ground with your feet. 

Likewise you can choose a model which is lightweight or one which is heavy, depending on your handling capability. Generally, people prefer a heavier scooty, but a lightweight version is easier to handle and hence also a good option. 


Choice of engine depends on the usage, wherein a smaller engine is suitable for long distances because it gives better mileage. A large engine packs more power, but is not as fuel efficient. Usually, engines of the TVS Jupiter Scooty are either 100 cc or 150 cc, wherein both offer good mileage despite the difference in power. When it comes to coverage, a 100 cc proves suitable for short distances, while the 150 cc is good enough for both short and long distances. 

Fuel efficiency 

How many kilometres does your scooty travel for every litre of fuel is what determines its fuel efficiency. Also referred to as mileage, this factor is as crucial as the TVS scooty price since it has a direct impact on your pocket. Your objective should be to buy a model which is fuel efficient, so that you can derive maximum mileage for every ounce of fuel. 


Do bear in mind that buying a TVS Jupiter scooty is more than just a one-time expenditure. Not only does the vehicle require fuel to be able to operate but will also call for regular maintenance in form of repairs and replacement of parts. Given the importance of regular maintenance, your objective entails buying a two-wheeler which is easy to maintain. Also, the maintenance costs should be reasonable so that the vehicle remains in pristine condition for many long years to come. 

Auto start 

Brands in this segment offer two options, namely kick-start, and auto start. Among the two, it is the latter which is preferable owing to being convenient as also effortless. Preferably you must insist on the TVS Jupiter scooty model which provides the auto start option, so as to save both effort and time, considering that you might use the vehicle every day. 

Storage capacity 

As per the norm, manufacturers provide storage space under the seat of the scooty. While this is the norm, what might vary is the amount of space, wherein some models may provide a sufficiently spacious storage that can accommodate the helmet and some more. Likewise there are models that do not provide a lot of storage, thus leaving you little choice in terms of what you can carry along. 

The preferred option is obviously a spacious storage which can hold the helmet, some spare parts and also may be a folder or two. Larger storage also comes in handy during a shopping trip, wherein it enables you to carry home the purchase with ease. 

Final Words

Weighing the features offered vis-à-vis the TVS scooty price is one of the surest ways that can guarantee that your Dhanteras purchase proves viable on all fronts. While checking the features, you can also check the warranty and after-sales service and include the same in the festive season offer. 

Having booked the TVS Jupiter scooty in your favourite colour on Bajaj Mall, next it is time for you to head to one of the partner showrooms of Bajaj Mall to avail the two-wheeler loan from Bajaj Finserv and complete the purchase process. Payment can be done through EMI, which is likely to be convenient for you financially than paying a lump-sum upfront.   

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