Bi-Fold Doors Advantages By TOSTEM India

A bi-fold door is a unique door that slides open from a string of panels that fold up against the wall. These doors have many advantages, which is why many homeowners and interior designers prefer them.

Because of their solid construction and ease of use, you can use them in businesses and homes with an open-plan design. Bifold doors allow natural light into houses because the window door design allows maximum light into a house. Learn more about the advantages of bi-fold doors.

Large open space 

One of the most significant issues for many homeowners is living room space. You can make your home or living room much brighter and more prominent by installing bi-fold doors. You can expand the area that the conventional door took up in the room by simply pushing the entire bi-fold door to one side.

Low maintenance cost

Bi-fold doors require the least maintenance to keep looking good for years. With aluminium folding doors, you need to wash the door now and then and apply some oil to keep it lubricated. Also, it is easy to clean the windows with a bi-fold door. Just use a sponge and soapy water; they are good as new.

Modern appearance 

Open-plan designs for houses are modern interior designs that provide a great appearance because they are not very common. When you go for an open-plan house, you need the doors and windows to match it. Bi-fold doors are very modern and provide an appealing appearance. The good thing about this is that they are relatively inexpensive compared to other modern door designs.

Practical design 

Bi-fold doors allow people to move freely from inside to outside or from one room to another. The doors fold and stack neatly to one or both sides of an aperture when open.

Unlike sliding and French doors, which can be impractical in congested areas, Bi-fold doors fold away neatly and do not obstruct access. Bi-fold doors with a low threshold can be the perfect option for people in wheelchairs and other disabilities who require a wider entrance and a small step.

Also, these doors are helpful when moving huge furniture in and out of a house. The doors can fold fully, creating a huge entryway.


When closed, slim profile windows ensure the greatest amount of glass area and outside visibility while remaining completely weatherproof and providing excellent thermal efficiency. Bi-fold doors are very secure and, despite giving beneficial access, are frequently used in both domestic and commercial settings.

Also, bifold doors by Tostem India have multiple locking points across the structure, making them one of the most secure doors available. For enhanced security purposes, you can use thicker glass which is tamper-proof but still provides the same advantages as thin window glass.


Bi-fold doors offer a large opening that naturally lets more light and air into your home, automatically bringing down the need for lights and air conditioners and helping you save money on electricity.

The doors are most effective during the hot season because you can leave your bi-fold door open and turn off your air conditioner, saving you money. Also, bi-fold doors from TOSTEM India are cheap compared to other modern doors, saving your interior design budget.

Easy to install 

Bi-fold doors are easy to install, and you can do it without any professional help. Also, you can install bi-fold doors anywhere in your house, which makes them ideal even if you have a small door opening space.

Considering using an open house plan? Are you trying to create more space? Consider using bi-fold doors by TOSTEM India. Our doors are affordable while offering great quality at the same time.

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