Best Himalayan Treks in India


The top Himalayan hikes to take this year are listed below. While choosing the finest Himalayan treks was challenging because each journey is stunning in its own unique way, we have put together a list of the best Himalayan treks that you should not miss!

 1. Brahma Valley Trek – 

  • Duration: 6 days
  • Difficulty: Beginner – Intermediate | Level 2
  • Region: Uttrakhand
  • Brahma Valley Trek Best Time: All seasons except monsoon

The highest point of this trek is the top of the Brahma Valley at an altitude of 12,250 feet. It’s a spectacular hike. New mountain ranges such as Chaukamba, Neelkant, Hati Gouda, Trishul and Nanda Gunti rise before your eyes.

Brahma Valley is great for solo trekking. There is a lot of snow on the trails in December, January and February. The hike continues until the end of April.

2. Dayara Bugyal Trek – 

  • Duration: 6 days
  • Difficulty: Beginner – Medium | Level 1
  • Region: Uttarakhand

Dayara Bugyal trek possesses all the necessary components for an ideal Himalayan hike.Amazing forests, beautiful campsites, ancient villages, exhilarating climbs to high altitudes, stunning mountain scenery and some of the best alpine meadows in Uttarakhand. The meadows are completely blanketed in snow throughout the winter. This is a rare gift and a moderate climb.


3. Sandakphu Phalut Trek –

  • Duration: 7 Days
  • Difficulty: Medium |Stage 3
  • Region: West Bengal/Nepal
  • Sandakphu Phalut Best Time: All Seasons Except Monsoon

World – Everest Mountains, Mount Lhotse, Mount Makalu and Mount Kanchenjunga. Of all the Himalayan treks, the Sandakpu trek stands out for this scenery.

Probably one of the best treks in Himachal. I know Indiahikes put it on the map for trekkers, so it’s a trek close to my heart. My list of great treks is incomplete without it,” says founder Arjun Majumdar. Beginning in the lush green valley of Kullu, it passes through narrow canyon-like valleys to the high overhangs of the mountains. From the past you can see a wide panorama of the entire Spiti Valley.

4. Gidara Bugyal Trek –

  • Duration: 7 days
  • Difficulty: Moderate – Difficult Stage 2
  • Region: Uttarakhand
  • Gidara – Bugyal Best time to trek: Summer, Spring

Gidara – The Bugyal trek is one of the oldest Himalayan treks. It’s one of the largest highland meadows you’ll ever enter. It may be bigger than the popular Ali Bedni Bugyal Trek. This hike also has beautiful ridge trails that not many hikes can boast of.

This hiking campground is great. After passing through beautiful forests, you will be surrounded by the meadows of Guidara.

In addition to this, you can also see the Kanchenjunga range, which includes another Himalayan range known as the Sleeping Buddha.

A unique feature of this walk is the teahouse you’ll find. It’s like a hotel or a restaurant, but you can’t describe it in words. The only way to enjoy the warmth of a teahouse is to stay overnight.

5. Deoria Valley Chandrashila Trek – 

  • Duration: 6 days
  • Difficulty: Beginner to Intermediate | Level 2
  • Location: Uttrakhand
  • Best time for Deoriatal Chandrashila Trek: All seasons except monsoon

Deoriatal Chandrashila Trek with Indiahikes It is a 6 day trek. It is a very special trek as you can see not only part of the Himalayas but all the major peaks of western and eastern Uttarakhand from the summit.

But if you hike in March and April, you can hike among rhododendrons in full bloom. It is rightly called a bird watcher’s paradise because you can see different kinds of birds along the way.

6. Hal Ki Dun – Valley of the Ruins – 

  • Duration: 8 days
  • Difficulty: Medium | Level 3
  • Area: Uttrakhand
  • Best time to trek Har Ki Dun: Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter

Experiencing an ancient Himalayan village along with breathtaking valleys, lakes and meadows is a very rare combination,” says co-founder Sandhya.

Indiahikes has added the Ruinsara Tal trek to the Hal Ki Dun route. This is because the Hal Ki Dun trek is incomplete without Ruinsara Tal.

Ruinsala Valley is completely isolated and Ruinsala Valley is said to be more beautiful than Hal Ki Dun Valley.

7. Humpta Pass –

  • Duration: 6 days
  • Difficulty: Medium | Stage 3
  • Area: Himachal Pradesh
  • Best time to travel: Monsoon
  • That was in 2010

8. When you arrive in Kheerganga, you can immediately go to the Parvati Kund, or the natural hot springs, which are even more alluring in the winter. You’ll see that Kheerganga is crowded with tiny cafes that serve hot food and drinks as you glance about. The majority of these are outdoor cafés, but they are all equipped with indoor spaces so that the public can be served in the nights as well.

In Kheerganga, you will spend the night in campgrounds. When you go on this expedition, you’ll never experience a tent, a bonfire, or sleeping bags like this. The cherry on top will be the music session that will be held at the campsite! Plan a trip to Kheerganga during the next holidays to make your vacations extraordinary!

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