Best Dune Buggy Safari and Tour in Dubai

Every child will generally love a Razor Dune Buggy. These toys bring hours of entertainment and loads of

value to children. Obviously while you want good value for money, safety is always a primary concern as
many products out there are made with lower quality than others. I decided to do some in-depth
research on this product and see what people were saying about the Razor Dune Buggy. The results I got
were very interesting and definitely worth your time.

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Razor Dune Buggy-Features

This toy is recommended for use by children over the age of 8, although I have seen some young children holding the ball on You-tube videos. The Razor runs electrically, saving other costs like fuel that
some other small vehicles depend on. In fact, its motor delivers a healthy 350 watts of power. What this
means, is that the stroller is able to reach speeds of about 10 mph, which is fast enough for some fun
fun, but slow enough to keep the baby safe.

A special reduction drive on the Razor translates to the buggy being able to deliver more or less torque
to suit different driving or terrain.

Another feature of the Razor Dune Buggy tour dubai is the roll cage design on the sides. This translates
into extra protection to ensure your child’s safety. A lot of thought has gone into the safety of the child
in the design of the Dune Buggy.

The padded bucket seat and seat belts are also great safety features, and make the Razor Dune Buggy a
very sturdy and safe toy to ride. The tires are eight inches, with an active rear suspension and a durable
steel frame. Acceleration and braking are made easy by hand controls and include a safety flag for

The unit supports up to 120 pounds of weight which means even big kids want to have a go! The stroller
can be hung and stored vertically to ensure the unit does not take up space when not in use.


1. Kids are safe – One of the biggest benefits and perhaps the most important of any toy or game is to
make sure that kids are safe and Razer has done a great job with its design and features on this stroller.

2. Excellent Performance- With a cruising speed of up to 10 mph, this buggy ensures that kids will have
fun and exciting driving. Even mud is handled with the power of this motor.
3. Fully Assembled – Fully equipped to unpack and start.
4. No Fuel Worries – The Razor Dune Buggy is powered by electricity, so you don’t have to worry about
refilling the tank once in a while. Charging the battery and then turning it off to play, makes it quick and
5. Driving Controls- Both brake and accelerator are through hand throttle which is very easy for kids.
6. Low Center of Gravity- The Razor Dune Buggy is designed in such a way that it has a low center of
gravity, which reduces the chances of the cart tipping over and injuring your child.


Most small vehicles, when initially unpacked, require a full charge before initial use. Although this is a
minor negative point, it can be frustrating for a child to be told that it cannot be used yet.

In conclusion

So, what to expect from the Dune Buggy rental after actually unpacking, it seems quite clear that this
product is a great and safe product for kids with hours of fun and entertainment.

Sam James Wilson has been reviewing offline products for over 15 years. His part-time hobby turned
into a full-time career and he is passionate about his work. Its purpose is simply to provide you with
high-quality, honest product reviews so you can decide for yourself if the product is right for you.


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