Hidden inside the luscious mountains of critical Nepal, the 


Annapurna circuit is a trek of a complete length of about a hundred and seventy-230 km, but can also range upon the direction of delivery. 


The trail passes among  extraordinary serene valleys and encircles the Annapurna massif. 


Annapurna base camp Trek is best for inexperienced panthers who’ve formidable spirits and a longing for a protecting mother earth enjoy. The snow-capped mountains, remoted groups, and neighborhood monasteries of Annapurna Trek are the pivot purpose to have your go to. 


The destination

The trek is situated in crucial Nepal with an accumulated period of 170-230 km and is usually sixteen-20 days long. 

The height of Annapurna 1 foremost is 8091m and the very best factor of this trek is Thorong los angeles bypass.

This Thorong los angeles bypass is approximately 5416m i.E, 17769 feet high, so you can consider the picturesque view from the endpoint. 

The first-class recommended time to visit this steadily stunning mountainous trek is early October, December, and past due February-April months, in any other case heavy monsoon rain makes it hard for trekkers to tour. Additionally, within the uncommon case, the situations may no dangerous.



In the month of February-march,  the conditions are warm and bumpy at the decrease section but crisp with snow at the highest level and the Thorong los angeles pass. 

If you are a solo-tourists there isn’t any restriction however trekking in organizations is extra on hand. The early hours of the trek appear clean however if incessant at high altitude, it is able to get little off the street. 

The very last Day-Muktinath to Jamson will be the most captivating c programming language of your life. Ought to revel in!

Allow us to speak the Do’s And Dont’s before taking place an Annapurna circuit. 



– In everyday lifestyles, being physically healthy is the need of an hour but even as on a trek it’s Pivotal. Equipment up your footwear a few days off the trek.

– Adapt The neighborhood groups their lifestyle and their ideals. 

– Take with your an good enough sum of money, The ATM might not be there and the community is almost usually long gone for UPI or other options.

Go to the ATMs in Kathmandu And Pokhara due to the fact these are a number of the places with ATM accessibility.

-Take your identity, a passport picture, and different critical files.

– Be Humble and type to locals, being in a quite nearby location they are not privy to your tradition and life-style.

– Take the Purification method in conjunction with you for water purification.

– keep away from buses inside the mountains as the rugged roads can also lead to nausea as an alternative by means of walk.

– deliver sun power banks for being linked through telephones. Electricity isn’t there in maximum of the spots.


About Trek

– The Trek is prolonged, live hydrated and survive simplest on wholesome food.

– follow the commands of the manual, if any.

– help other fellow participants who can also wander off during the trek.

You may go away the mark on stones in case any partner gets deviated.

– wear comfortable clothes whilst hiking.

– Have a first-aid package.

– usually convey a Torch for night time stay in camps.



-Do now not cover your ears at the same time as hiking.

– no longer to wander off the trek.

– Not bring non-reusable gadgets.

– do not throw the waste at the trail instead deliver them lower back with you.

– Not be lethargic.

– do not feed wild animals, they may attack you.

– Not put on cotton clothes at excessive altitudes instead move for synthetic garments.

– Say no plastic bottles.

– No charge negotiation in ACAP vicinity, as things may additionally get highly-priced there.

– Do no longer explicitly communicate about beef, because the cows are scared for Nepalese communities.

– with out everybody’s permission, do no longer click photos.

– by means of risk, do not contact any infant’s head, it’s notably insulting to them.

– Do now not over-flex in the outskirts.

– keep away from selling begging as this can lead you to issues.


Some of the bare necessities that you can take along are,

– two jumpers

– One pair of shorts

– two thermal Tops

– One pair of water-proof pants.

– One gore tex jacket

– spare pair of inside footwear

– an awesome pair of water-resistant hiking boots.

– a non-public hygiene kit

– 1 beanie and 1 buff.

– 1-2 pair of thick gloves.



The Annapurna trek is quite low cost as a result of lodging and food, this region is heaven for trekkers who want to visit a pretty difficult trek in the robust Himalayas region. If the weather situations are favourable this region is just like the walk in the park, else you can must face excessive environment situations.


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