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Netsmart is appropriate for practices of all sizes and offers support for many specializations, including family services, hospice care, children’s services, public health, behavioral health, and others. Every practice has a different set of needs; thus, the software is tailored to fit those needs.  

With its cloud-based practice management system and electronic health record (EHR) technology, Netsmart EHR assists public health authorities. Operational management, case management, financial reporting, and many other things are among their significant characteristics. Additionally, Netsmart helps to streamline administrative processes like order management and scheduling management and guarantees a private and secure system that complies with the standards established by the Public Health Informatics Institute.   

Netsmart EHR Software Features  

Numerous features of the Netsmart EHR assist the user in giving better care. Analytics, customer management, a secure system, telehealth, and other vital components are just a few. In addition, the Netsmart telehealth system is connected to the EHR and accessible from any location at any time via the internet or a mobile device.  

  • EMR/EHR  
  • e-Prescribing  
  • Practice Management Software  
  • Patient Demographics  
  • Lab Integration  
  • Appointment Scheduling  
  • Voice Recognition  
  • Mobile App  
  • Telemedicine Software  
  • Appointment Reminders  
  • Reporting and Analytics  
  • Medical Billing Service  

Falcon Silver EHR and features overview  

Cloud-based software Falcon Silver EHR offers nephrologists and dialysis centers a comprehensive solution. The program aims to improve patient care and productivity by reducing the documentation process. In addition, it provides nephrology practices a means to eliminate paper use, conserve resources, and go green.  

The program’s user interface is simple and complies with Meaningful Use standards. A secure messaging system is also included, enabling quick and confident communication among nephrology professionals. Falcon Silver EHR is an innovative, cost-effective solution that can improve patient care and increase productivity in nephrology practices.  

Features offered by Falcon Silver EHR    

  • EMR/EHR  
  • Mobile App  
  • e-Prescribing  
  • Appointment Scheduling  
  • Appointment Reminders  

What benefits does EHR offer? Netsmart EHR Vs.Falcon Silver EHR  

Benefits of Netsmart EHR  

The Netsmart EHR itself is accessible at any time and from any location. The benefit of adopting Netsmart is that it does not need internet access to provide EHR services to its customers once the device has been synced.   

The electronic health record (EHR) system from Netsmart Insight, whose main features include financial reporting, operational administration, case management, and many more, provides services to public health agencies.  

Clinical notes have a vast and often unrealized potential, which Netsmart technologies make accessible to clinicians. However, examining unstructured data in a standard EHR view is challenging, including notes from psychiatric diagnosis and management, case management, clinical intake narratives, and treatment plans. MHCD was able to use the information contained in its Netsmart system to its fullest potential by utilizing InterSystems technology, which extracts concepts from both structured and unstructured data. This allowed doctors to work within their accustomed clinical workflows while still being able to bring the client story back into the data.  

Reaching Recovery by Netsmart myUnity is a standalone measurement-based web solution for companies and agencies focused on mental health challenges. The Joint Commission has given this approach. It’s a blessing for clinicians. It aids a person with a mental disorder in their healing and development. Strength evaluation, obstacle recognition, and mental health care counseling are among their features. This tool may be incorporated into any EHR and aids in lowering the overall recovery cost.  

An executive profile portfolio is also provided to Netsmart myUnity subscribers as part of the application management services package. Its application professionals will share their knowledge of different EHRs and applications in addition to Netsmart solutions.  

Falcon Silver EHR benefits 

Falcon Silver EHR Software is an electronic medical record (EMR) solution designed specifically for nephrology. This cloud-based EMR provides solutions to nephrology clinics and other healthcare organizations in the United States. It can thoroughly describe any difficulties or allergies, patient lab results, and a point of access via a simple name search. The management of lab data, dialysis scheduling, monthly financial reporting, e-prescription (e-Rx), ability to contest dialysis orders, etc., are essential elements. In addition, the program enables connectivity with DaVita Dialysis Centers to deliver the most recent clinical information and laboratory test results. This health information technology (HIT) solution includes integrated management tools that send alarms when a patient’s fluid values veer outside the range, lowering the frequency of fluid-related hospitalization.  

The EMR platform offers features designed explicitly for nephrology clinics, enabling nephrologists to work more productively and provide better patient care. Because Falcon Care EMR Software focuses on delivering technology-driven solutions to meet the needs of various specialties, users can adapt the EMR system to suit their needs. Their tools, which are specialized in nephrology, enable nephrologists to negotiate the ever-evolving healthcare environment.  

Is Netsmart or Falcon Silver EHR the best option for you or your company? User review  

EHR solutions for community-oriented healthcare organizations in hospice and home care that focus on specific medical conditions as well as post-acute care and intend to offer specialized treatments are a specialty of Netsmart myUnity. The most effective way to streamline on-field treatment and virtual visits is with this fully integrated, scalable platform. As it relates to reviews, The feature offerings are good. They offer features for both inpatients and outpatients. Netsmart provides you the option to edit existing forms or make your own. To meet state and federal standards, the software can be modified. Individual users can modify the screen requirements in Avatar to accommodate their daily workflow requirements.  

Though few consumers complain that The Java-based and occasionally sluggish, if not in a Citrix-type environment, it might need a lot of IT upkeep, the program is challenging to use because there is no option to create defaults to save time or input many notes on one customer without having to search the client and enter the same information twice. Once a note has been sent, it is difficult to change or add to it. The program is shoddy and not user-friendly. Once something has been entered, it is not easy to find it unless you know who entered it and the precise date.  

 Reviews for Falcon Silver EHR

Numerous positive evaluations of the software can be found online, praising it for its ease of use, paperless workplace solution, and potential for time and cost savings. Additionally, the user praised Falcon Silver EHR’s financial reporting, lab data management, and e-prescribing capabilities. 

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