About App Like Gojek Clone – Its Benefits, Services, and Features

Launching an app like Gojek Clone will bring you the best profit-earning opportunities. To add cherries on top, its multiple services and the assortment of the latest features make the app more attractive and valuable for customers.

Keeping in mind everything that it offers, this blog dedicated itself to enlighten you about the benefits of launching this app! Moreover, it lists down the must-have services and features of this app.

Let’s explore them now!

Gojek Clone App

Benefits of Launching the Gojek Clone App 

As a business owner, you get to enjoy several benefits of launching this on-demand multi-service app. They are:

Quick time to market 

The app is a pre-built solution that makes it easy for you as the app owner to launch the application on iOS and Android stores.

Launching the ready-made app takes only one to two weeks because it is already designed, coded, and market-tested.

All you need to do is white-label an app like Gojek Clone and launch it on the stores and servers.

Easy profit-earning 

You can easily start earning money from the app as commissions per service booking.

If you are not following the commission-based business model, you can make money via membership subscription plans.

Also, you will be able to easily monetize with the application. Cash inflow will be maintained via the third-party Facebook and Google Ad integration and commission via price surge and cancellation fee.

Simple business expansion!

Business expansion is something that troubles most people because it may take up lots of investment and effort.

However, with this pre-built solution, you as the app owner can easily expand your multi-service business by simply –

  • Integrating the services and features that your target audience wants.
  • Add native currencies and languages of the region you want to launch the app.
  • Integrate the SMS and payment gateway of the country so that customers can easily book the services and pay for them.

Five Latest Services to Integrate into an App like Gojek Clone

Here are the latest five services that you can integrate with your application and lure more and more customers to your platform.

Service bidding 

Handymen can start bidding for the posted task. Every provider bidding for the job by making an offer can then start negotiating with the customer.

Negotiating can be done in real-time!

Online video consultation 

Your customers can easily consult with the professionals like lawyers, tutors, doctors, fitness coaches, and also astrologers.

They can consult with the experts right from the comfort of their homes or office.

Order medicines online 

Let your customers order medicines from nearby pharmacies online. Customers can easily upload their prescriptions on the app and order medicines.

Upload prescriptions only necessary to purchase prescription medicines only. Otherwise, they can simply add to the cart the medicines and place the order for doorstep delivery online.

Taxi ride booking 

Your customers can use an app like Gojek Clone and book an Uber-like basic, normal, or luxurious ride.

To book the ride, they only need to provide their current location and destination, select the taxi type, and choose a suitable payment method of their choice.

By clicking on ‘Book Now’ they can proceed with booking the taxi while ‘Book Later’ provides them the option to schedule the services.

Must-have Features of the Gojek Clone App 

The below-mentioned list includes all the latest and must-have features of the multi-service app. Look at them for better clarity.

  • In-app wallet transaction: users can directly pay the provider via their in-app wallet and top-up the balance before making a payment.
  • Multiple credit card management: users can manage multiple credit cards on this application. They can easily add/delete the card anytime they want to and also choose one of them as default for making one-click payments.
  • Login with biometric authentication: using Face ID and Fingerprint Scanning users can easily log into an app like Gojek and book the service.
  • Track delivery in real-time: customers can easily track the services in real-time and see where their order has reached. Also, they can see the estimated time of delivery on the app.

In Conclusion: 

Simply put, launching a multi-service Gojek Clone App is the only easy way to make more money and quickly become a millionaire.

Now that you are aware of all the benefits of launching this mobile app, its must-have services, and its features, why not launch your own app like Gojek? 

Take the demo app trial before you purchase and launch the app on Google Play Store and Apple App Store!

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