A Video of a ‘Supernatural Creature’ Walking on Bridge Goes Viral

A video of a’supernatural creature’ walking on a bridge in India has gone viral, and many people have questioned whether it’s a ghost or an alien. Others have wondered if it is a naked woman or a witch. The answer is probably somewhere in between, but the truth is likely far more interesting.

Video of a’supernatural creature’ walking on a bridge in India goes viral

A video of a mysterious white figure walking on a bridge in India has gone viral, and many people have speculated about its origins. The 30-second clip, which has caused a stir on social media, shows the figure walking strangely and stopping occasionally to look at the people filming the video. The video is in poor quality, but it still managed to garner widespread attention. Many people have come forward to speculate about the creature, which they believe is supernatural in nature.

Some have suggested it could be an alien or a ghost. Others have suggested that it could be a demonic witch. Many people have wondered about the video, and many people have tweeted about it.

Is it an alien or a ghost?

Recently, a video of a strange figure walking along a highway went viral in India. The mysterious figure was claimed to be a ‘ghost‘ or an ‘alien’ by the people who posted it on social media. However, the video itself is a bit hazy and it is difficult to determine exactly what it is. Here are some facts you may want to consider before watching the video.

Is it a naked woman?

Dreaming of a woman in her private parts can represent a number of emotions. It can also reflect your personality and your current state of mind. Dreaming of a naked woman can also represent your desire to protect those you love. However, it should be noted that seeing a woman in her private parts can also mean negative things, such as jealousy or passive conduct.

When Harry was about to give up, he noticed movement on the balcony below. He stared into the fog to see what was going on. He could see a figure about seven feet away, and he could also make out the figure of a man standing upright, kneeling in front of him.

Is it a witch?

The story begins with a young woman hanging herself from a bridge. She is a witch. She has more strength than a human. Her husband is dead. But the story doesn’t end there. There is another witch who is chasing the young woman. Her name is Gilly.

The mysterious figure has been making its way across the internet for weeks. Multiple Indian news outlets have published reports about the alleged sighting. While the video’s quality makes it difficult to get a clear view of the figure, people have speculated about its origins. It has sparked intense debate on social media about whether the figure is real or not.

Is it a zombie?

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