8 Good Reasons for Small Businesses to Use Amazon Web Services

According to IDC’s Worldwide Semiannual Public Cloud Services Expenditure Guide, small and medium-sized companies (SMBs) would account for 40 percent of the anticipated $141 billion public cloud spending by 2019. Amazon Web Services will be the driving force behind the astronomical rise in public cloud expenditure by small and medium-sized businesses in the coming years (AWS). AWS delivers a customizable public cloud architecture utilizing the following hosting services:

  • Computing
  • Networking \Storage
  • Information resources
  • Servers
  • Distance computing
  • Email Mobile development
  • Analytics
  • Security

This allows small companies to operate apps, ecommerce, and eventually all or part of their infrastructure in the cloud, relieving them of the prohibitive expenses associated with maintaining, monitoring, and hosting it themselves. However, it would help if you had a comprehensive grasp of your storage and infrastructure requirements as well as your budgetary limits since cloud service options will significantly influence your organization’s stability and development. Here are eight reasons you should choose Amazon Web Services for small businesses in 2017 to help you make a more informed decision.

Elimination of Infrastructure Expenses

Small enterprises may avoid hardware and administrative infrastructure expenditures since AWS only charges for the resources they use. In addition, management and system administration difficulties and their associated expenses are avoided, allowing owners and employees to focus on operating the firm.

The capacity to do business on the cloud

With AWS’s services, such as desktop virtualization and document sharing, organizations can operate in the cloud. Access to the virtual desktop or PC from any digital device enables fast and easy access to apps, files, and resources from anywhere and at any time.

Ecommerce Simplicity and Modularity

Amazon Web Services for small businesses offers many cost-effective online sales and retail options for companies with a robust ecommerce component. This also incorporates order-processing integration for seamless, quick, and successful financial transactions with little or no human involvement or assistance, in addition to site hosting.

Orders may be imported automatically by linking the consumer’s preferred system to the Amazon Merchant account technology. This enables your organization to amend charges and incorporate the updated information into inventory monitoring. In addition, its software development kits (SDKs) for platforms like Java, PHP, and Ruby provide small companies with ecommerce flexibility and agility to serve their customers better.

Effective and Simple Application Hosting

When your applications are hosted on AWS, deployment, administration, scaling, monitoring, capacity provisioning, and load balancing are simplified. Consequently, a tiny firm may use its applications effectively and with few complications.

Adaptable and Affordable Data Storage

Even a small company generates a significant amount of data, and the management of on-premises storage can be time-consuming, expensive, and difficult. When constructing a storage system, businesses that use AWS storage can avoid incurring any upfront costs, take advantage of endless and automated scalability, pay only for what they use, and pay only for what they store with the service.

Data/infrastructure Migration at Low Cost

The transfer of IT infrastructure, such as servers, apps, and data, may be complex; however, AWS offers all the necessary tools for startups and low-cost migration services for existing enterprises to simplify the process.

Robust Mobility Solutions

With iOS and Android mobile app versions of the AWS administration interface, small companies can access their services anytime, anywhere. Integrating additional mobile services enables SMBs to build and develop mobile device-specific feature solutions.

Security that is pervasive and baked-in

In the past, small companies were hesitant to go to the cloud due to security concerns. However, AWS provides comprehensive security features that fulfill all security standards. AWS offers dozens of globally distributed data centers that are regularly monitored and rigorously maintained. Providing a robust backup solution for your data and infrastructure.

Amazon Web Services for small businesses ultimately provides, at an affordable price, the flexibility, agility, scalability, and security. That are required of every company owner. In order to meet the ever-evolving requirements of your organization. These services, along with a great many others, cooperate and interact with business applications.

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