5 things to keep in mind for the Pangarchulla Peak Climb


One of the best destinations in Himachal for trekking and mountain climbing is Pangarchulla trek. The place has one of the best aesthetics and adventurous vibes. This site aligned at 14700 peaks will grant you the best views and will grant you the best summit view. While climbing the peak you will get the adrenaline rush and tingling sensation. The location will give you the feeling of being on top of the world. This mesmerizing view and splendid beauty will take you to another peaceful world.

Himachal is a northern state which has vast mountains, lakes, hills, etc. It provides one of the best aesthetic services. Himachal’s beauty as well as the hospitality of its inhabitants attract an ample number of tourists, most of whom seize Himachal as a ‘trekking and adventurous destination’.


The five essential points to keep in mind while visiting the Pangarchulla Peak for climbing are:-


  • Best time to visit Pangarchulla Peak


The best time of the year to climb the Pangarchulla peak and relish the thrill and joy in April. The pre-summer time gives you a warm and pleasant environment to relish all the activities at the site. The snow is melted this time in the summit area, providing the best environment. The weather is cool yet comfortable for travelers to relish every moment while climbing the Pangarchulla peak.


In this season the atmosphere and weather will surely work in favor of the travelers.


  • Base camp


This is something broadly Trek Guides and Trek Operators don’t wish to disclose. If you prefer to maximize Summit success, ascertain an Advance Base Camp ahead of Khullar. The coordinates of Advance Camp are approximately 3.5 kilometers forward of Khullara Camp. This is maintained on the Lord Curzon Trail from where the trek route to Pangarchulla peak forks out. This climbing route even has historical significance.


By having an advanced base camp you can maximize the chances of summit access and enjoy the magnificent sunset view from the summit. And if you have an advanced base camp you can even enjoy every moment without worrying about the base camp. Hence your enjoyment is increased just by keeping small things in mind. 


  • Keep in mind your turnaround time

Turnaround time refers to the time when the climbers start to descend from the peak. Travelers need to have a proper timetable to not miss any destination and even have a fixed turnaround time.  Bad weather that even consists of unanticipated snow can cause some trouble for your entourage.


Keeping these facts in mind, plan your turnaround time prior and return to the nearest base camp if the weather worsens. And keep proper tracking and mapping devices with yourself. 


  • Start early on Summit day


You need to begin around 3 am in the morning from Khullara Campsite. It takes 6 to 7 hours to surpass the summit. Those starting from Pangarchulla can even start by 6 am, reach and relish the mesmerizing location. 

If you start early you can even enjoy the breathtaking dawn view. If you start early you can even get the opportunity to relish the captivating sunrise view and enjoy the extra fresh air of the surrounding.


  • Take preferred safety precautions


Safety should be the first preference and you need to keep in mind all the measures provided by the instructors. Don’t forget to Carry a Climbing Rope, Ice Axe, and Micro Spike. A Micro Spike is a lighter substitute for Crampons. They are convenient, lightweight, and easy to wear. They procure excellent traction on slippery snow.


Even carry extra sports shoes to be cautious and even carry proper clothes according to the climate. If you follow all the precautions your journey can be full of wonders and joy.


While you plan on climbing a peak various things need to be taken care of, If you keep all these things in mind, your experience will become exceptional and extra enjoyable.




Pangarchulla Peak is an unskippable place to be for camping or trekking or enjoying an inexplicable peak climbing experience, with beautiful views of nature and on top of everything, the best experience it provides to tourists. The experience is considered to be one of the most thrilling and adventurous activities here and it is the best for detoxing the mind and heart. And revive the much-needed peace and tranquility in your life. This adventurous experience will rejuvenate your heart and soul and provide you tranquility, peace, and contentment away from all the humdrum of life.


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