5 Steps For Making Extra Income Through Skip Tracing

Skip Tracers earn a good income by selling their leads to Real Estate Investors and Wholesalers. The leads are the homeowner’s updated information. That information contains the homeowner’s address, email, and phone number. Numerous Skip Tracers are in the market, making a lot of money. You can be one of them. This article is for people having a remote connection in the Real Estate Industry but making no money. We’ll reveal a new way of making extra income through Skip Tracing without agency. Keep reading this article to know the best strategy.

This method doesn’t require any big investment. You only need to have a few hundred dollars to earn some cash. You don’t need to be an agency owner to make money, but a little connection with Skip Tracers can help you earn healthy cash. Let us reveal the method without any further ado.

How To Make Extra Income in Skip Tracing?

We’ve already mentioned this in our article. This strategy contains 5 steps. What are those 5 steps? Here are they:

  1. Contact With Skip Tracing Agencies
  2. Take Leads
  3. Contact The Homeowners Through Those Leads
  4. Wait For a Homeowner’s Reply
  5. Sell That Particular Lead To The Real Estate Investors and Wholesalers

This is a 5 step strategy you must follow to make some extra cash through Skip Tracing. Don’t worry because we’ll give a detailed explanation of these 5 points.

Contact With Skip Tracing Agencies

You don’t need any agency to start working on this strategy. You only need to make contacts with any reputed agency to get leads. Here’s how:

Contact any Skip Tracing Firm with a good market reputation. For this example, I’ll consider Lert Skip Tracing. The firm that I’ve mentioned has a good reputation in the market. Numerous Investors and Wholesalers work with this agency to contact homeowners with distressed properties. You can work with Lert Skip Tracing to get high-quality leads.

Working with Lert Skip Tracing is optional because numerous other agencies provide Skip Traced leads. We recommend checking the agency’s reputation before working with them. Batch Skip Tracing and Skip Genie also have a good reputation. You can also work with them. Contact them and get their package of at least 1000 leads.

Take Leads

Taking leads from them is the 2nd step after discovering 1 agency. We recommend taking leads from agencies having a good reputation because agencies having bad reputations provide low-quality leads. This can waste your investment. And you already don’t have big cash to invest. So take care of your investment when you don’t have extra cash in the backup. So work carefully with any reputed agency and order at least 1000 leads.

Contact The Homeowners Through Those Leads

You have got 1000 leads in hand. What will you do? Here’s what to do:

Those leads are of the homeowners with distressed properties. Contact those homeowners through email or phone number and see which homeowner replies. Indeed 50 homeowners will contact you from those 1000 emails. If 50 homeowners contact you, what more do you want? You have got 50 motivated homeowners willing to sell their distressed property.

I’ve written 50 to give an example. Sometimes more homeowners reply to a person’s email, and sometimes less. It depends on your luck. Your luck will be good when more homeowners approach you.

Wait For a Homeowner’s Reply

Sending emails to 1000 people is a challenging task. You must have at least 1 more person with you. You can do this yourself, but it will take time. It is good if you have successfully sent 1000 emails to the homeowners. Do this and wait for a homeowner’s reply. One Thousand homeowners won’t reply to your email because most don’t have the property left for selling. Some homeowners have already sold their properties. The homeowners who will reply to your email will have their property left.

Wait for their reply and see what they have written in their reply. Suppose 100 homeowners have given you the reply, and 50 are highly motivated to sell their property. Make connections with those 50 homeowners and continue towards your last step.

Sell That Particular Lead To The Real Estate Investors and Wholesalers

That’s the last step you must do. You have got 50 highly motivated homeowners with distressed properties. This is a big treasure for Real Estate Investors and Wholesalers. Investors will approach those homeowners and convince them to sell their property. Investors commonly purchase a property, add upgrades, and flip it for profit. And Wholesalers contact the homeowners to put that property under their contract. Later, they assign the same contract to another end buyer to earn some commission.

Here’s when you will make money. You can contact an Investor and tell him that you have a list of 50 homeowners willing to sell their distressed property. You can show them your conversation and convince them to invest in that property. They will pay a good commission for this because you have helped them discover a property of a motivated homeowner.

You can invest the cash yourself if you can purchase that property and sell it for some profit. Otherwise, sell those leads to Real Estate Investors and Wholesalers to earn a handsome amount. This entire process doesn’t require big cash. You only have to order a small package of 500, 1000, or 1500 leads. You get a direction to follow when you have at least this amount of leads. That’s how you would make money through Skip Tracing. This process is time-consuming, but it is worth trying rather than sitting freely in your home.

Final Words

These were the exact 5 steps to make some extra income through Skip Tracing. You don’t need any agency to start working on this method. Starting this process requires $100 or $200. It is good to invest $100 to earn $1000, $1500, or $2000. Comment in our website’s comments section if you have questions. Until then, take care and stay safe.

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