5 SEO Tips for Your Wedding Site

No matter how experienced you are in photography or whether you are just starting out, being noticed in search engines is crucial to reaching your goals. This essay will provide 5 helpful SEO tips that will raise the search engine rating of your photography website.

Wedding photographers SEO is different from SEO for other professions due to the greater emphasis on image optimization that is necessary for photographers and has its own set of best practices. We’ll get into specific image optimization techniques later, but let’s look at the big picture right now.

5 Secret SEO Tactics for Your Photography Site

Use Relevant Keywords

Think about the Google search terms your customer might use to find what you sell. Consider yourself in their position. As SEO is keyword-driven, the terms people use to search for your products will give you an idea of the keywords you should wish to rank highly for.

Using Google’s Keyword Planner to estimate search volume, you may find out whether “wedding photographer” or “wedding photography” is more frequently searched for. Knowing this will assist you in selecting the keywords you want to concentrate on and include in your essay.

As you can see from the sample above, “wedding photography” receives about 5,000 more searches per month than “wedding photographer,” but if you look at the intentions of the two queries, it’s likely that some of the “wedding photography” searchers are looking for other things besides a photographer. Since everyone who searches for “wedding photographer” is seeking for a photographer, it makes more sense to focus on that keyword.

If two keywords have similar traffic, always target the one that is more suggestive of a person looking to be interested in what you’re offering. Chasing intent is always preferable to chasing volume.

2: Use Content to Answer Questions

Once you have a clear knowledge of the keywords to target based on your keyword research, take into account the questions your clients may have and create content that addresses those questions.

The frequently asked question (FAQ) style content usually does well in search engines because it frequently clearly answers the query that search engines believe visitors have based on their inquiry.

Frequently providing straight answers improves the ranking of your website since the search engine compares your answer to what it believes the visitor is looking for based on their search. Based on the keywords you provide, search engines attempt to ascertain your goal.

3. Local SEO

You may improve your chances of showing up near the top of search results by creating a profile on Google My Business.

By receiving favorable reviews on sites like Yelp and Thumbtack, you can ensure your presence in organic search results. Reviews pique people’s attention, thus Google ranks those websites highly. You will rank higher on those websites the more positive evaluations you have received from them.

While you’re still working on promoting your site and climbing the ranks, going where there is always a lot of traffic, like on Yelp and Thumbtack, is a great method to get business. SEO requires time.

4: Optimizing Images

A photographer’s website will be focused on their portfolio. A good content management system (CMS) will make it straightforward to put these recommendations for improving individual images into effect, even though many of them are technical in nature.

Squarespace comes with a strong set of SEO tools if you’re starting from scratch or trying to migrate from your current CMS. Each image should be optimized for the following six factors to ensure that it can be found:

  1. Filename.
  2. Image compression.
  3. Alt text.
  4. Facebook Open Graph tags and Twitter Card markup.
  5. Text around images.
  6. Specify a width and a height for all images.

5: Image Sitemaps

The highly technical audience can benefit from an image sitemap by helping Google understand your picture content. Either create a new image sitemap or include image data in your current sitemap. Google provides thorough guidelines for building image sitemaps.


Photographers should take SEO seriously if they want to grow their businesses. It will take time and effort, but once high ranks have attained, the channel can offer significant new business opportunities. The suggestions have described in this article are great ideas to implement in photography sites .

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