5 reasons to go swimming today

Swimming is a form of exercise that is suitable for almost everyone with lifeguard course. You can do everything with it, from competitive swimming to aqua jogging. Swimming has many health benefits and it is fun. Discover 5 reasons why you should take a dip regularly!

1. Moving with injuries

When you are dealing with injuries, it is sometimes difficult to move enough. After all, you have to rehabilitate well and not put any further strain on your muscles or joints. If you are in the water, there is virtually no gravity and therefore no shock load . Your body moves freely in the water, at a pace you like.

Moreover, you can choose a stroke that feels good. The most common strokes are breaststroke and freestyle (chest crawl). These strokes are completely different and target different muscles and joints. There is a good chance that one of these strokes will suit you!

Bonus advantage: in most pools there is a whirlpool. The warm water and bubbles allow you to relax your muscles after swimming laps.

2. Building fitness

A good condition is important for your heart and lungs. By building up your condition, you can move longer and more intensively in succession. A good condition ensures more efficient breathing and better blood circulation, reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease and can help you lose weight!

You can build up your condition by (moderately) intensive exercise. By (moderately) intensive we mean moving with a heart rate between 108 and 144 BPM. In these heart rate zones you can still talk, but as you move more intensively, your breathing increases, which makes talking a bit more difficult. To build up condition, your training should not be too light or too heavy, but in between. See the website of the Heart Foundation for more information.

You can swim as fast as you want. During lap swimming there is always a lane for the faster swimmers. Sometimes there is also a medium speed track. In the other lanes you can swim leisurely. You can continuously challenge yourself. Count the total number of lanes you swim in an hour, or the number of lanes you swim in a row without resting. Also switch between swimming strokes and between sprints and slow swimming. So-called interval training gives your fitness a boost!

3. Burn Fat!

As soon as your heart rate goes up, you not only build up fitness but you also burn calories . Swimming requires all your muscles to work. Do you want to lose weight? Swimming for an hour will burn between 200 and 600 kilocalories (completely dependent on factors such as your age, height, exercise time and heart rate). If you consume more calories per day than you eat, you will lose weight. Swimming is a great way to train, relax and lose weight. For more Details https://northstarzone.com/

4. Always something that suits you

Swimming laps with a sports buddy is a bit of the standard image of swimming. However, some people find it much more fun to take on the challenge. Do you want to continuously improve yourself, or do you want to race against others? Then a swimming club is for you.

Do you like to move in the water, but do you find swimming jobs boring? This way you are in good motion, but you are not bored with swimming laps. Advanced swimmers and swimmers at a swimming club often use training schedules. Such a schedule consists of blocks, for example swimming in, then 4x100m medley, 2x50m front crawl legs, 2×50 front crawl arms, 2x100m medley, 1x50m front crawl legs, 1x50m front crawl arms, 1x100m medley and swim out.

Remember how much and how long you swam so you can top it next time. There are also various activity trackers on the market that keep track of this for you!

5. Cheaper than the gym

You can buy a subscription in most swimming pools. With such a subscription you can, for example, swim 10x at a reduced rate. If you would go swimming once a week, then you would be done with 5 subscriptions! Depending on the pool, this costs about €200. A year to the gym quickly costs double! As with any other form of exercise, your body produces endorphins during your water activities. Delicious, because it is the relaxation and pleasure hormone par excellence. That’s right: a good feeling in a healthy body .

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