5 magnificent coloured diamond rings to buy from Hatton Garden, London

Diamonds are the sparkling stones that are widely used in the jewellery industry. They are the most preferred stones when it comes jewellery. Their elegance and brilliance is what makes them very popular. They have been used for jewellery making purposes for a very long time.

The most common type of diamond that is used for jewellery making is the colourless diamonds. They are widely available and they exhibit brilliance that is more than the other types of diamonds. However, they are not the only kind of diamonds that are available. Coloured diamonds are the diamonds that have a coloured tinge to themselves. They are rarer and more expensive than the coloured diamonds. Also known as fancy diamonds, these coloured diamonds should not be confused with the colourless diamonds that exhibit a slight yellowish hue. There are many colours but listed below are 5 coloured diamond rings that are absolutely stunning.

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Pink Diamond Rings

Pink diamonds are extremely rare to find and are therefore very expensive. If you are looking for a more affordable alternative then you can opt for lab grown diamond rings. Pink diamonds are mostly mined in Australia and have a beautiful pink hue to themselves that set them apart from the others. The exact reason behind the pink hue is not known but geologists believe that it is due to the deformation in the atomic structure. They look beautiful when used as the centre stone of a ring.

Blue diamond ring

Rings made of blue diamonds are rare and therefore if you are looking for something unique then blue coloured diamond rings are a perfect choice.  The blue colour of the diamonds are due to the presence of boron atoms in the structure of the diamond. The higher concentration of boron atoms the more intense will be the blue colour. The blue diamonds are associated with sophistication and elegance and make for perfect wedding rings too.

Brown diamond rings

Brown is a very rare colour and most people do not opt for this colour in their jewellery. However, the brown coloured diamonds stand out from the rest of the coloured diamonds because of their regal nature. The brownish hue is caused due to the internal parallel grain lines in the diamond structure. Brown diamonds represent nature and earth and are known to promote harmony in a relationship.

Purple diamond rings

Purple is another colour that looks beautiful. Purple coloured diamonds are formed when the concentration of hydrogen in the structure increases or due to the internal grain formation. It is a colour associated with nobility and strength. Purple coloured diamonds represent the deep connection between the people in a relationship.

Black diamond rings

A rare choice when it comes to rings, black diamonds have an aura of their own. They don’t sparkle as much as the other diamond but this is the very reason why the contrasting colour draws attention. It looks great as a part of a three stone engagement ring and its contrast with the gold and platinum bands makes it a unique and magnificent choice.


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