4 Tips to Make Your Home Summer-Friendly

Summer can be enjoyed without going outside your home. If you don’t want to get your skin damaged by UV rays, you can have fun indoors and enjoy a great time with your friends and family home summer. 

This is why you need to prepare your home for the next summer season. If you don’t know what changes you should make to your home for summer, you are at the right place. Keep reading to find four tips on how to prepare your home for summer the right way. 


  1. Boost Your Swimming Pool

The best way to beat the heat during summer is to enjoy your swimming pool. Having a swimming pool allows you to have an amazing time with your loved ones. 

Taking care of the swimming pool all by yourself can get difficult for you. This is why you should consider hiring professionals. For example, you can hire a fiberglass pool builder that can renovate your swimming pool. 

Another thing to keep in mind about swimming pools is that you don’t have to forget about safety. Make sure you follow all the safety practices to ensure that you don’t run into any emergencies. 


  1. Install a Solar Awning

As mentioned above, harsh UV rays can damage your health. Sunlight can also damage the foundation and appearance of your home.  This is why you need to install a solar awning in your home. Having a solar awning will allow you to avoid solar rays on a tight budget. 

There are several solar awning options in the market. For example, you can buy a manual solar awning if you are not willing to pay extra for a motorized solar awning. Make sure you compare different solar awning options so you can choose the best option that suits you. 


  1. Buy Outdoor Furniture

Spending time in your home can get difficult if you don’t have comfortable furniture. This is why you need to replace old furniture with better furniture in your home. Buying better furniture can cost a lot of money. However, investing in furniture is a great option, as good furniture items can last longer. 

If you are willing to save your money, you need to compare different online furniture stores. Doing so will allow you to buy affordable furniture items that can last longer. You can also get suggestions from your closed circle if you don’t know what furniture items to buy. 


  1. Insulate Your Home 

Relying on your HVAC system all the time is not the best option in summer. If you want to cut your energy costs, you need to insulate your home the right way. Proper insulation will make it easier for you to keep the heat outside and enjoy your time with your loved ones. 

Insulating your home is not something you can do with the DIY approach. To save you time and effort, it’s better for you to hire a home insulation expert in your area. Only a professional can identify which type of insulation is the best for your home summer .

4 Tips to Make Your Home More Summer Friendly

1. Consider your indoor space. What can you do to make your home look less than winter-like? Consider any indoor space that you have used to store Christmas boxes or other gifts and give it a summer makeover. Choose ways to tie in an outdoor vibe. Maybe you can remove those flimsy indoor flower pots and replace them with terracotta pots that would blend nicely with your home summer.

My Home

Hang flameless candles in front of your fireplace or outdoor area so that they will make your space look warm and inviting. Use various succulent plants and make a statement. Take a garden rock and paint it in a vibrant color that will compliment your garden.  Paint different images or sayings on it like “Come Home” or “My Home”. Remember that gardening does not only have to be outside. Consider how your outdoor space can look as it surrounds the home.

4 feet from the house

 Outside, make the landscaping look as if it were planted in your front yard. Make sure that all plants are at least 4 feet from the house. You want to keep a natural look when you can because this will work well in your home environment. Consider keeping trees small.  You can plant them in pots and have them outside as opposed to having them planted at the curb. By placing them at the curb, home summer they will work hard for you during the summer. Plant a few shrubs that are close to the house that would work well with a summer look. Some suggestions are a few evergreen trees, shrubs that are like small bushes, gardenias, oleanders, and colorful succulents. Make sure to tie in your landscape to your home’s front.

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