2022’s Hottest Laminate Designs for Your Home’s Interior

ith the changing time, the home decor has been changed or more precisely evolved. From changing colours to different designs, laminate sheets have turned as the most effective interior decor surface layers. As the interior decor materials are getting expensive every time, it will be critical for everyone to afford them. Therefore, interior decorators are suggesting laminates as the surfacing materials for you. Laminates has become one of the ubiquitous materials to enhance the surfacing styles. 


Lets explore the hottest laminate styles which can help you to achieve an astonishing looks in your home. With the trending patterns and styles of 2022, revamp your home decor. 

Monochromatic Styles

With changing times, you can find different types of laminate designs but som classic trends never fade away. Monochromatic decor is one of the classic design. Colours like beige, grey, light brown, white and others in the varieties of laminates can add class and subtlety at the same time.  Simplicity of monochromatic look comes with its own grace. Therefore, with coloured laminates you can also create a monochromatic look to your house. 

Wooden-finish in flooring 

Another classic laminate design for revamping your home is the wooden finished flooring. This type of the aminates are very soothing for your  bedroom and living rooms. If you want to add a minimalistic look to the home decor, wooden finish effects will be the best choice for you. The  walls with wooden finish converge luxury with simplicity. So, dont worry just dive into the finish of wooden laminates and glam up your interior. Using these laminate designs,  you can decorate the chairs and tables easily. 


Stone-finished Interior 

Do you like to add some natural references in your home interior, we will recommend you to use the stone finished decorative laminates. From the wardrobe to the doors, the stone finish aminates will improve luxury, comfort, class and elegance. Therefore, give your room a rustic and natural finish. If your door has the effect of stone finished look, the entryways will be very interesting.


Customised Digital Laminates 

Whether you are a nature lover or an aesthetic soul, the digital laminates would be the best option to redecorate a home decor. On the other hand, you can use the digital laminates in the children’s room. The benefit of these laminates is the chance of customisation. You can easily create your own design for different rooms of your home with the digital laminates. The trend of digital laminates is in the upsurge onely. Whether its your door or your wardrobe, the digital ones liven up the spirit of your rooms.


Make a Bold Statement

With different types of  decorative laminates you can add various colours in the home decor. Bright colours like sky blue and green can improve the vibe of the  room. So, you can definitely experiment with the colours to make a statement for stunning and relaxing effects. 

Go for Black White 

Another trending style for your home decor is the blck and white duo. This classic due would improve the visual effects of  your room. Moreover, the strip of  black and white would enhance the brightness and class to the interior. The clever use of black and white creates a wonderful visual impact in this study area, making you like to work even harder on that assignment! It stands out from the crowd of the room’s decor.

Dual coloured wardrobe 

If you’re looking for different designs in your bedrooms and other rooms in the house, combination of two colours could add the elegance and class at the same time. With the duo colour combination, the minimalistic and simple effects would be achieved in your house. 


Choose Scandi Nest 

Scandinavian nature with white and pastel colours will enhance the minimalistic and calming effect. An aesthetic effect with Scandi nest laminates would create a subtle look in your home. When you use high pressure laminates in your bed and doors, light colours are the best option. The flexible colour tones produce an earthy vibe that is ideal for Scandi nest design.


If you want to decorate your home with trendy designs in 2022, you’ll get ample of option in the market. Being one of the oldest laminate manufacturer in India, Royale Touche is one of the best laminate providers in the market. The Royale Touche Laminates can offer you various patterns and designs for a trending home decor. So you can check out all the laminates from our www.royaletouche.com.

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