10 On-Demand Service App Ideas That Will Kill It In 2023

2023 is not too far away. Few more days and we will welcome the new year with open arms. We will also welcome new opportunities with more enthusiasm and zeal. New start-ups have delivered some of the most wonderful on-demand mobile apps in 2022. It helped us grow immensely after the pandemic.

Study shows that new doors of opportunities have opened. So, it will continue

 in 2023 as well. More technological inventions will bring more moments to grow. Thus, more on-demand mobile apps will get launched in the market in 2023.

Let’s discuss the most creative and profitable on-demand service app ideas. Thus, it will rule in the year 2023 with its unique services and large revenues.

10 On-demand Mobile App Ideas to Rule In 2023

On-demand Handyman App

It is one of the fastest-growing industries of 2022. Every real estate property, be it a home or office, needs constant maintenance. Not everyone is an expert in this. They also don’t have tools. That’s when handyman services come.

People can place quick orders on an on-demand handyman mobile app. Also, get things done in time. People don’t need to keep the data of every handyman professional. The app company keeps their contact information.


The on-demand handyman services offer affordable and cost-effective services. That too, in one place.  The demand for handyman professionals also increases with real estate growth.

For example, Handy, Task Rabbit, Homee, etc.

On-demand Salon App

These days, people don’t need to wait in line in the salon for their turn. On-demand salon apps have completely changed the scenario. People now book their appointments anywhere. They only need to come to the salon at a pre-scheduled time.

The on-demand salon app owner updates their service catalog on the app. The app offers various discounts and offers. Customers can see the price ranges of these services as well.

They can select services they like and book appointments. Its unique and fast services have made it popular among people of all ages.

For example, My Salon App, Vagaro, Style Seat, etc.

On-demand Laundry App

People with busy schedules cannot find time to do the laundry every week. So, on-demand laundry apps help them with their task. So, they can rest when the weekends come and enjoy their lives.

While online laundry services do the cleaning, ironing, etc. The laundry company then does the delivery. That too at affordable prices. It has become one of the most popular on-demand mobile app services. People send their dirty laundry via a mobile app. The app company handles both delivery and collection.

For example, Rinse, Chaka Chak, Fresh, etc.

On-demand Grocery App

Online grocery apps have emerged as gamechanger in the market. There are two types of grocery business models. First, the individual grocery app model. Second, the aggregator app business model.

The user gets the grocery in a few clicks in both types of online grocery services. Users need to select their groceries, add them to the cart, and pay online. The app company will then deliver them. Users can order groceries at any time. They can also get delivery within a day.

Some grocery delivery apps are Big Basket, Grofers, Flipkart, etc.

On-demand Alcohol Delivery App

On-demand services are not limited to daily necessities. People now can order liquor from anywhere. The app company gets it delivered wherever they want. Some online grocery apps also deliver liquor on customer demand.

For example, Living Liquidz, Swiggy, Zomato, and Hip Bar deliver liquor online. People don’t need to rush to the liquor store when guests are over. They can order online and enjoy the safe delivery of their favorite beverages.

On-demand Medicine Delivery App

Online medicine services are the best thing for senior citizens. Also, for single families, and sick people during covid-19. People can order their prescribed medicine online.

Now, people are opting for these on-demand services over traditional drug stores. You can also order that medicine online that is not available in nearby markets. Many on-demand apps have come onto the market.

For example, Pharm Easy, Med Plus Mart, Practo, etc.

On-demand Home Service App

It is useful for device installations, moving boxes, or cleaning and repairing work. Home services apps also offer many aids. The on-demand home service app has eased people’s lives. No matter the task, the home service company will do it faster.

Task Rabbit, Urban Company, My Home, etc., are a few on-demand services. Their services also include painting, AC repair, pipe maintenance, etc. 

On-demand Dog Walking App

This on-demand app idea came as a boon for all dog parents. While they are working, they can hire someone to take care of their dogs. Even if they are out of the station, they can hire caregivers for their beloved dogs.

Also, owners can stay connected with their dogs using an in-app tracker system. They have advanced features including an in-app camera, GPS, navigation software, etc.

For example, Rover, Wag!, Woof Trax, etc.

On-demand Water Delivery App

Big organizations, functions, corporate parties, etc. always demand a huge clean water supply. Homeowners also order clean water tanks from online services. Many on-demand water delivery apps supply water within a short time.

The on-demand water delivery app navigates customers through simple steps. Customers select the required water supply and pay online. The online water delivery company delivers the packages at the destination.

For example, Paani Lao, Book A Can, Bottlewala, etc.

On-demand Milk Delivery App

Gone are the days when women used to go to shops in the early morning to get milk. People now can order milk from the comfort of their homes. It eases people’s lives as morning time is always pretty hectic.

Customers can place milk orders. The milk delivery company will deliver them on time. Many milk delivery companies are delivering pure milk in metro and sub-urban cities.

For example, Milk Basket, Country Delight, BB Daily, etc.


Study shows that on-demand app market revenue will reach US$614.40 billion by 2026. In 2022, the app revenue reached US$430.90 billion.

So, statistics show immense growth in the on-demand mobile app industry. Hence, these mobile app ideas will be in high demand in 2023. 

Thus, if you have any unique idea, you can turn it into reality.

Thus, you must find a good on-demand mobile app development company. They will understand your idea and help you turn it into reality.

So, digital evolution has made everything possible. Every small business and big owner can launch their mobile apps. It is a great way to generate revenue. It also needs very little investment.

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